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Best Website Design in Port Harcourt – Get Yours in 2022

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I hope you enjoy reading our post.

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Looking for an amazing Web-Solution and great Website Design in Port Harcourt, Nigeria? Get to Know what a website design company in Port Harcourt can do ..


The Internet is ruling the world like an Emperor today.

A 2015 study as conducted by Verisign reported that “84%” consumers believe that small businesses with websites are more credible than ones without an online presence.

Businesses (Small or Large) with a website design in Port Harcourt, have a whole lot of advantages than those with no website.

Website helps every business gain credibility and also aids reduce the cost of advertisement drastically.

How will you feel if someone types your business name on Google or maybe he/she searches, “where/how to get the Product and Services you offer, “.

Then Voom!,

Your business site with everything your potential client needs to know about your business, including other services you deliver appears on their device.

How would you feel?

You smelling money right?

That’s it!,

Don’t miss any opportunity to beat the competition by Targeting Larger Markets and snatching all the customers you want.

Business sites are easy to setup by “Us” (because we have created it over and over again and will continue creating it, because that’s one of our mission)

Dont fret about the cost of setting up a business site. Think about the ROI (return of investment) if done properly.

Here at FineFineThings, one of our desire and aim is to set up great recognition and reputation for you on the internet and help keep your company/business venture in the limelight for all fair reasons.

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We will surely work closely with your business to provide a complete website design and development solution that elevates you above your competitors.

Your website is the front door to your business and is often the first intuition your brand makes on prospects.

Your Business site is a place where you tell your brand narrative and style and most importantly, your website conveys something about your brand and company.

We can help you deliver that “wow” factor

Other Functions
We extend functionality of websites and make them even more interactive by integrating different 3rd party solutions.

Popular integrations include Social Media Plugins, Google Analytics, Live Chats, Google Maps, Online Payment Page, Newsletter Subscription, etc.

We also integrate and auto publish your sites articles to your social media business pages such as; Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn etc.

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Do You want to gain the skill of being a highly sought-after Website designer and Website developer?

You can learn how to design all kinds of website with us

We teach web lovers how to design websites, and also how to make money online in Nigeria with ease.

Website training tutorials holds in our office here in Port Harcourt.

Our Website Development training sessions holds on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Contact us right now, if you want to acquire a skill that is growing in value by the day.

Website Designers earns an average N200k to N600k per month, right from their comfort zones or homes.

Contact Us Right Now To Enroll into your Web Training Institute In Port Harcourt.



Types of Website Design in Port Harcourt

We have THREE Website Design Creation plans.


We create all kinds of Websites.

  • Appointment and booking websites that accept payment for Doctors, Lawyers, Consultants, etc.
  • Fundraising and Charity Websites for NGOs and Organisations like – IMEELA, NAIJADONORS etc.
  • School Websites for managing Attendance, Result, Timetable, Notifications etc. Eg – STEMPREPLEARN.
  • Freelancer and Micro Job Marketplace Websites Like – FIVERR, UPWORK etc.
  • Classified Ads Listing websites like – JIJI, JUMIA etc.
  • Membership and Community Websites like – NAIRALAND, NNU etc.
  • Autobloging Websites and so much more…


Website Design in Port Harcourt – Understanding Terms


Domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser’s URL bar to visit your website.

In other words, if your website was a house, then your domain name will be its address.

Digital marketing Training

Hosting Package

Web hosting is the place where all the files of your website live. It is like the home of your website where it actually lives.

In other words, if the domain name was the address of your house, then web hosting is the actual house that address points to.

*All websites on the internet, can’t do without a web hosting package.

Watch Short Explanation of a Domain and Web Hosting


Article Publishing Guide

Most of our clients have no single experience on how to operate a website / blog.

We had to find a solution by providing a guide *Meant for our Clients Only* and gave it out for Free in a pdf format.

This guide compounds a short but detailed summary of every information you need to have your desire article, products / services appear on your website.

We will also show you how to publish articles and upload things like images, videos, music, PDFs etc on your website straight from your mobile phone.

through our guide, it’s very quick and easy.

Check out Websites we’ve designed for business brands…

Search Engine Visibility

An important quality of a website created by our Web Engineers is its visibility on all search engines.

By employing SEO best practices with our premium tools during development, we ensure that Google and other search engines easily find all pages and posts published on your websites.

Visually Appealing Website

The way a website looks matters. The first impression a visitor will have about your website is its design, before content or functionality.

Our Web Engineers here at FineFineThings ensures that our Website Designs are not only functionally effective, but also aesthetically appealing.

Responsive Website Design

A Responsive web design gives a website the fluidity and adaptability that makes it respond optimally to any screen size it is being viewed on.

Be it on a wide or small screen monitor, smartphones or tablets, responsive web design makes your website display perfectly and seamlessly on all devices – resizing the contents of the web page automatically.

Site Speed Optimizations

Fast loading web pages is a very Crucial Ingredient for your business site’s SEO.

Make your site to load in a flash, especially business sites that don’t have Google Adsense enabled in them.

With premium tools already purchased by us, we will optimise your sites speed and give your site a premium speed boost.

Site Security

A hacked website can result to a damaged reputation and discourage visitors from coming back.

Note: Fighting a cyber -attack is 20 times costlier than having your website secured earlier and effectively during its development stage.

All our plans have the web security offer as we secure your website from DDos Attacks, Malware, Session Hijack, Malicious Redirect, Spams and prevent Stolen data.

We make sure your site is backed up on weekly bases and also implement auto-update of your web-tools.

Chat Support

A business website with no live chat is like a store with no sales assistant.

On this website, we use Whatsapp Chat Support, and it is way faster than email and more efficient than a phone call..

Don’t make your customers wait, a working chat support is a better way to acquire, engage and retain your customers.

Social Media Pages Integrations

As said earlier, websites / blogs created by us are easily integrated for auto publishing of sites articles to your social media business pages such as; Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn etc.

Web Payment Page

We Integrate a professionally built Payment Page (ATM Machine) in your Website OR blog for customers to pay you instantly with their Nigerian ATM cards details, without sending them to our overcrowded banks.

Do you intend to sell digital products on your website?, this is the best option to make money online, even while you sleep.

99.9% Service Uptime

All Websites created by FineFineThings Web-Developers are hosted with Foreign based companies.

These companies ensures that their servers are up and running 99.9% all the time (247/365) to positively impact the performance and reputation of your business site.

Business Email

A business email is a professional email address that have your company name instead of the generic gmail or yahoo account, for example:

Personal Email: [email protected]

Business Email:

[email protected]

If you need a business email, we will activate it on your hosting account.

Mailing Lists & Integrations

We set up and integrate Opt-in boxes for you to automatically gather list of emails from your visitors/customers that would like to receive information, updates, discounts, and other details about your business.

Whether you run a Business Site, Personal Site or a Marketer. Email has been proven to have highest the click-through-rate (conversion rate) than other mediums, which means “more emails you collect, more money you make” due to these reasons.

Web Price Calculator

We don’t only make your Business Site look Modern, We want you to sell more.

Our developers can build a powerful and elegant cost calculators that allows your customers to select the products/services they want and get the total estimate automatically.

After Product selection, they can choose to;

  • Print the preview of their selections.
  • Email the quote, or
  • Purchase the Products /Items, right there on your site.

Converting visitors to sales has never been easier!

Check out Websites we’ve designed for business brands…



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