OH my God!
Did you just launch a business and start waiting patiently for your ideal customers to gradually notice you? … 🤒
By the way, who made that useless statement – “The patient dog eats the fattest bone”
Please you have to avoid such a mentality with all your heart…
I personally have been a victim of this mentality…
When I started my business, I wasn’t getting any clients, but that wasn’t the problem.
The real problem was that those close to me kept telling me this – “David don’t worry, na small small, with time people will know you”.
It is true that with time business will always get better, but somehow I became reluctant and relied on luck until I bought a program in May 2022.
This program changed my mentality, I had to sit up and take charge in putting my business where I want it to be.
In the first couple of months, I had to discipline myself to acquire every digital skill I will need to succeed as a digital marketer.
I learned Advanced SEO, Social Media Advertisement, and Email Marketing and also improved my web design skill tremendously.
I don’t have to brag, my websites are ranking very highly on Google and helping my clients make sales online… HERE’S MY PORTFOLIO
Anyway, I just discovered I had to take bold steps to find out where my ideal customers are… then do my best to display how I can help them… and finally, persuade them to work with my business as we guarantee results…
With no further ado, let’s go meet your ideal customers.


There are several places to meet potential customers, yet we all know that the best medium to reach your customers in quality and in quantity is through the internet (ONLINE)
Believe it or not, “THE WORLD IS GOING DIGITAL”… and it has seriously affected the way people buy products and services these days.
Business transactions are been carried out online every second because customers love to save time… they need convenience.
When you go out each day, look around… there is a 98.6% chance that you will find dispatch riders on the way except for places that are banned for some reason best known to the government.
The logistics business in Nigeria is fast growing due to the ever-increasing online shopping and online services between smart businesses and customers.
Businesses that solely depend on customers who visit their physical stores will in the future lose their customers to competitors building a strong online presence for their businesses right now.
So where is the best way to find and reach out to your ideal customers? The answer is “ONLINE”
As of January 2021, There were 104.4 million internet users in Nigeria alone – Source
This equals the statistics of Nigerians who use the internet either through platforms like Google, Yahoo, Email, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, websites, etc.
With these facts known…
To reach out to potential customers online, you simply need to discover the platforms that your customers often use…
… create an account on the same platforms and reach out to them through marketing and advertising.
Remember that the purpose of marketing your business on the platforms you have chosen is to invite ideal customers to your lead magnets for further engagement.
Then how FAST you need to start growing your “customer list” will determine if you need to
– PAY TO advertise your business, or
– Gradually market your business FOR FREE
This simply means that in the online space where customers are living… to generate customers QUICKLY you have to pay for the platform to advertise your business.
These adverts will help direct interested and your ideal customers to your lead magnets for sales purposes…
Alternatively, If you don’t want to pay to advertise on these platforms to quickly send customers to your lead magnets, you can still achieve great results for free.
You surely can generate customers to your lead magnets, but just know that it is going to take a lot of time and you’re going to WORK CONSISTENTLY hard to achieve the best results.
So what’s your take on this…
Paid advertisements or Free advertisements… which is best for your business?
In the next class tomorrow morning, you will learn how to advertise your business on Facebook and Instagram even as a beginner
You’ve found where your customers are, so what’s next…
You’ll find out tomorrow, but this time come to class with some popcorn, because you’ll be watching some videos.
Have a great day,
Ani David
Phone / Whatsapp: +2347018470195
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