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Today is going to be “FUNTASTICAL”
Don’t worry, you won’t find that word in your dictionary… Hahaa
OH Yes, we’ll be unveiling top tricks used by award-winning business brands to build their responsive customer list.
Please let’s make this clear again – “a responsive list, a customer list, a contact list, an email list, subscribers, etc” – are all made up of people who are interested in your business, and these people are also known as “LEADS”.


A lead is simply a *marketing term* used to define someone who has demonstrated interest in your business in some way.
A lead can be anyone who gave you their contact information to download your book, attend your seminar, receive updates from your business, etc.
If this person has engaged your business and given you permission to contact them (typically through email, phone, WhatsApp, etc), he/she is now a lead and should be on your customer’s list.
Then the process of building, growing, and increasing your customer’s list with contact details of people who are interested in your business is known as “LEAD GENERATION”.
Hope you got that 😎 … … ….
Now, there are many ways to start generating leads for your business to make consistent sales… but we’ll discuss the best ways that have yielded more success and are used by top marketing brands in the world today.
So let’s unveil the 2″ best tricks + strategies you have to put in place to “ATTRACT AND PERSUADE” your ideal customers to drop their contact details.


Just as the name implies, a lead magnet helps you to attract leads.
A Lead magnet is something VALUABLE that you provide to your visitors in exchange for their contact details.
There are several forms and types of lead magnets, but let’s focus on the most effective lead magnets used by top marketers to collect contacts easily.

>> Free Gift a.k.a Freebies

This is something valuable that your ideal customers will love to get and you’re giving it out FOR FREE in exchange for their contact details.
The best freebies are packaged and used by successful business brands and are always inform of:
An eBook: This can be a valuable guide, case study, checklist, etc. written in text format that your ideal customers can’t wait to download and start reading.

>> An Exclusive Video:

This can be a secret value-packed video published somewhere that your ideal customers won’t rest till they watch it.
Just know that a freebie doesn’t have to be huge, it just has to be VALUABLE and RELEVANT to the audience you’re trying to attract to your list.

>> Coupon Codes a.k.a Discount Codes:

This is often used by smart e-commerce businesses, as customers are willing to drop their contact details to get codes that will award them discounts when making a purchase.
Business owners also benefit as they attract relevant leads and upsells when they offer coupons or discount codes in exchange for customer contacts.


These are smart ways top marketers use to display their lead magnets together with a form that collects contact details from web visitors.
Optin forms are set up with lead magnets to capture information from potential leads such as Names, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, etc.
… Here are the top and high converting ways to display opt-in forms to grow your ideal customer list…
>> Hello Bars: These are those sticky forms hanging on the top section of a web page, they have proven to convert really well.
> Pop Ups: These are lead generation stunts set to display opt-in forms inform of pop-ups on websites to capture leads. Eg. the popup notice as seen on our website at finefinethings.com.ng
>> Slide-Ins: these are attention-grabbing forms that slide in to persuade your audience to stay in touch with your business.
>> In Content: these are opt-in forms embedded in between or at the end of articles that are highly valuable for your customers. This works like mad.
>> Chatbots: these are fantastic website features that engage your customers, ask relevant questions and collect contact details from prospects.
NOTE: Lead nurturing is a numbers game! which means – The more the number of leads, the higher your chance of converting more customers!
For your lead generation practice to be highly successful, it is your duty as a smart person to discover a valuable lead magnet that your ideal customers can’t ignore.
Now, I’m sure you have noticed that I always use the term “IDEAL CUSTOMERS”.
That is because everyone is not your customer, which also means, a random person shouldn’t be found on your customer’s list.
It is possible that most of us business owners don’t even know who our ideal customers are… We want to sell to everybody.
When we put our energy into trying to sell to everyone, in the long run, we become tired, disappointed, and might even start having negative thoughts about our mission.
Tomorrow we will be discussing;
… the right group of people that should be on your responsive list
… the best customers willing to pay highly for the value your business brings
….You will also get a template to discover who your real idea customers are…
“You can’t be everything to everyone, but you can be something to someone.”
“Focus on the people you want to attract to your business”
Catch ya tomorrow!
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