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Top Signage Company in Port Harcourt with Best Designs

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Looking for best signage company in Port Harcourt, with designs proven to be promotional, reliable and can grab attention with ease?

We have a lot of high quality signage options here in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


We are a leading branding and provider of signs and digital display solutions in Port Harcourt – as we provides Digital Signs, Signage Solutions, Vehicle Graphics, Led Light Box , Wayfinding (Directional Signs), and a variety of other signage solutions.

We don’t only build Signages for your business in Port Harcourt, we also help you to install or mount your signs at the best location, such as; Bus Stop, Shop Front, Flyover, Trade Fair etc.



Signage is the design or use of Signs and Symbols to communicate a message to a specific group, usually for the purpose of marketing or a kind of advocacy.


Signs are any kind of visual graphics designed to showcase vital information to a particular audience.


These Signs vary in forms and sizes based on its location of display and intent. (Modern signs are built to use digital or electronic displays).


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Signs and Signages in Port Harcourt and in every part of the world are designed to serve common purposes of communicating information; to promote, identify, assist and give directions or raise safety awareness to a business.

In-depth Purposes of having Signage designed for your business in Port Harcourt, Nigeria includes:

1) Advertising and Marketing:

These are signs built by a signage company mainly for promotional purposes.

These signs are designed for advertisement and marketing by companies or organizations to convey information about a particular product or service and persuade prospects to take action.

2) Entice Customers:

Business Signs designed by top Signage Company in Port Harcourt aids to entice customers starting from outside to inside the business premises; these results to a great business atmosphere.

Outdoor Signage such as Window Graphics is successful at creating curiosity and encouraging customers to venture inside.

Once they are inside, they feel comfortable as these signs communicates that they’re in the right place.

3) Way finding and Avoiding Misleads:

Signs and Signages can as well be designed for Directional purposes such that visitors or customers are less likely to get lost which helps to avoid a situation that could echo badly on your business.

Directional signages are often used in large scale outdoor events such as festivals or places where there are multiple buildings or entrances, Plazas etc.



Do you have a newly startup business or an already existing business in Port Harcourt?

It is important to consider putting up Signs and Signages for your business to increase customers looking for your services.

Contact Us Now, for your Business Signage Designs and Mounting in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Digital marketing Training

Do you need a Business Logo? We create awesome Logos and Brand Identities.

We also design Search Engines Optimized Websites to increase sales to your business with ease.




It’s exclusive how Signs and Signages serve as a type of silent sales person for your business.

Outdoor business Signages are noticeably big and audible and helps to draw attention of people to the place of your business and avoid miss-direction.

While; the Indoor Signages are designed for indoor use to show the position of services, facilities, functional spaces and very key areas. E.g. Directional Arrows in Signposts, Toilet Signs, Exit Signs, Emergency Signs etc.



Having a business is one thing, growing it and making sales is another.

There are simple strategies handcrafted for our serious members and subscribers who want a tremendous increase in sales of their services.


Having Signages and Signs in strategic points around your business premises contributes to the growth of your business, for instance;

  1. Brand Exposure:

Great signage designs heightens business growth and make your company stands out from your competitors by increasing level of brand publicity and driving interested customers to your business doorstep.

  1. Cost Effective and Lasting Benefit

Signs and signage is one of the best cost-effective marketing strategy or tactics.

Once we have successfully installed your promotional signage at the best spot of engagement. It concurrently serves as an advertising channel for your business or company for as long as it stays there.



As a leading designer and provider of signs and Digital solutions in Port Harcourt, Nigeria;

  • We handle all kinds of indoor and outdoor signage services in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
  • We are dedicated to presenting a professional brand image your visitors can’t forget easily.
  • We light up your business with our numerous advertising solutions as well as mounting the finished work where needed.
  • We design for newly Startup Businesses, Establish Firms and large organizations etc.

Give us a Call to start your project today.



  1. Snapper Frames:

snapper frames nigeria

Snap frames are modern poster frames that are specifically designed for  temporary purposes.

They are best for promotions and discounts with deadlines. They can be easily replaced or updated.


  1. Canvas Print Split Frames:


These frames are very excellent in displaying your business brand Identities.

They are portable and can easily hung on the wall on Offices, Receptions, Work ways etc.

Looking for the best photo framers in Port Harcourt, with great designs for your walls in your businesses premises.

Visit StockFrames to see more of them.


  1. Billboard Signs:

We design creative billboard ideas and mount it in strategic positions for best results and objective for businesses in Port Harcourt.

Billboard Signs are virtually huge and eye-catching and very proficient in increasing frequency of consumer exposure.


  1. Light-Box / Illuminated Signs:

The human eyes are delightfully drawn to light especially in a dark environment.



Light box Signs have efficient and unique ways to draw attention to your Business Brand every minute.

They are very effective at night for directional and way finding purposes.

We supply light-boxes for businesses in all formats, such as; Double-sided, One-sided, Wall-mounted and Flexface illuminated billboards; all great for both indoors and outdoors signage purposes in Port Harcourt.

Note: We design and build your light box or illuminated Sign. We also install and connect as well, using fully licensed electricians.


  1. Window Graphics:

You already know, “We are powerful by Design”.

We have creative graphic designers ready to design valuable promotional and vibrant eye-catching graphics proven to Increase foot traffic in your business premises.

Window graphics are modern, cost-effective and has proven to encourage sales conversion if used effectively.


  1. Window Decals:

Similar to Windows Graphics, Decal Signs are modern and very cost effective.

Window or Glass Decals are creatively customized sticker signs used on any glass surface, e.g. Office windows to maximize the impact of your window space.

They are quick to install and best for business branding and advertisements of products in demand.


  1. 3d Lettering Signs (ALCO BOARD):

3d signage lettering exudes a unique impact because of the 3D effect it brings to your business brand with the drop shadow and depth effect that makes them appear dynamic.

This business signage type comes with a lot of options as they can be constructed with a number of materials, such as; Metal, Acrylic, Steel, Plastics etc.

This fabricated sign conveys a message of quality and adds a sensational effect to Business Brands in Port Harcourt and other business in Nigeria.

They are best used in Receptions and can also be used as an Outdoor Brand Sign.


  1. Pylon Signages:

Pylon Signs are outdoor Signages often mounted in front of businesses premises.

As a Branding and signage company in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, we build Pylons of different forms and sizes – from as little as 2m high, to well over 16 meters high; and from under 1metre wide to over 6 meters wide.


Pylon signs can be used to display essential details of a business especially in any area where roadside visibility is a must.

Pylon Signages are capable to draw a lot of attention which aids in attracting customers closer to your business 24/7.

E.g. of Pylon Signs we build are:

  • Shopping Centre Pylon Signs
  • Office Park Directional Pylons
  • School Front Pylon Signs
  • Bank Front Pylon Signage *Petrol Station Pylons Signs


  1. OTHERS:

Other signage or business Advertisement materials includes: Led Signages, Flex Banners, Pull-Up Stands, Car Wraps etc.

See other graphic designs effective for business branding here >>




Business signs and signage has proven to yield credibility and professionalism to businesses aiming for great sales.

Creative signages create a great first impression, which automatically leads to increase in sales as customers are willing to patronize your business for your Branding creativity and vision.

Remember this “Great Design is Great Business”.


Prices for our Signages Designs, Building, and Mounting are NOT FIXED.

Contact Us Now; let us discuss on the type of signage needed to give your business the best results Instantly…

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