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Frame and Gallery Making In Nigeria

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Are you interested in Frame making in Nigeria?

“Your pictures are alive, give it Shelter”



We source premium materials directly from the best manufacturers, allowing us to drive down the cost and kick up the speed of traditional custom framing.

Our mouldings are premium wood, our acrylic is cut using the newest technology, and every single piece is controlled, built and assembled professionally here in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

The result?

A beautifully-framed piece of the highest quality in the industry. Totally custom. And made just for you.


To get started.

1. choose a frame in our Frames Gallery

2. Send us your art Or get one Customised for You.

3. Frame is built and
shipped to you anywhere in Nigeria “For Free”

*We print your photo.
*Frame is Built (2 – 5 days*) depending on the quantity of frames you want.
*If you need to work with our Graphic Designers for more creative output, please allow for 3 additional days of production.
*Inside Port-Harcourt >> Frame is Shipped (3 hrs – 24hrs)
*Outside Port-Harcourt >> Frame is Shipped (24 hrs – 48hrs)
*We ship your finished frame to your desired location.
*Celebration!, Your framed photo arrives, totally ready to hang.

What Will My
Frame Cost?

Tell us the approximate size of your art (in inches), and we’ll tell you the price.


We customize great frames in different sizes which forms a unique Gallery Setup for Homes, Offices, Schools etc.

Contact us for more information about your Interior Gallery needs.

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