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7 Ways Digital Marketers in Port Harcourt Can 10X Boost Your Sales

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Were you searching on Google for top digital marketers in Port Harcourt who can 10x boost sales in your business?

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Of course, within 3 – 7 days, this article will surely be ranking on the first page of Google when you searched for Digital Marketers in Port Harcourt.

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Now, this is just “Number one” among other ways a digital marketer in Port Harcourt can 10x boost sales in your business.


Now let’s imagine that you sell fabrics, and a customer looking to buy fabric visits Google to search for this…

“Where can I buy quality fabrics in Port Harcourt”

Or maybe… “The best fabric store in Port Harcourt”

All of a sudden, a content from your website appears on the first page of Google.

This customer is 98% likely to click on the first content that Google showed him or her.

Then on the link which leads to a page on your website, the client gets to learn how to choose the best fabrics perfect for his/her needs.

… Client knows how to take care of fabrics
… Client also understands different styles and stunning designs of fabrics
… and most importantly, your business address and phone details to contact you.

Right then, the client sees you as an expert with great experience in the fabric industry

Leading to quick sales, large sales volume, quality referral opportunities, etc.

It is as simple as that…


Now, there are other ways digital marketers in Port Harcourt can help new businesses and also already existing businesses to grow better.

Digital marketing has changed the way business brands interact with their customers.

Now, more than ever, a brand’s digital presence is an extension of its marketing strategy.

A digital marketer cultivates that strategy in order to drive engagement and conversion with content – be it in text, audio, or video format.

At the end of this article, you will discover how your business can start attracting a steady flow of customers ready to order your products and services.

Before then, let’s get started with basic knowledge of digital marketing.


When defining a digital marketer, you might find terms such as online marketer, internet marketer, etc.

They are all the same in meaning…

In order to be considered a great digital marketer in Port Harcourt, one has to possess a great deal of knowledge regarding both traditional and digital marketing strategies.

Although, digital marketers concentrate on driving leads through channels such as emails, adverts, social media, and website content.


It is obvious that customers are becoming more and more tech-savvy and less willing to engage with businesses in a face-to-face setting,

hence businesses have to turn to digital marketing strategies to connect with their customers.

Digital marketers play a crucial role in the success of any business.

With great digital marketing tactics put in place… business brands can

  • Save time, money, and resources
  • Build brand reputation across online channels
  • Acquire a huge Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Maximize various customer touchpoints
  • Track advert campaign results
  • Adjust strategies based on analytics and data
  • Drive profitable long-term growth
  • Leverage precise audience targeting
  • Improve conversion rates
  • and so much more.

An excellent digital marketer in Port Harcourt does more than partnering with businesses to drive traffic on Search Engines and acquiring leads.

At FineFineThings Consulting, we possess a deep understanding of the principles that make good marketing work.

We are also aware that marketing is about creating long-lasting relationships between the brand and customers.

Relationships and great empathy with your prospects are very essential to growing your business in Nigeria.


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Now let’s discuss how FineFineThings Consulting, a Top Digital Marketing Agency in Port Harcourt can increase leads and sales in your business.



Our digital marketing agency in Port Harcourt has a team of WordPress experts with years of experience in creating custom websites for specific niche markets.

We analyze your industry demands and design a stunning bespoke website that highlights your business’ unique value propositions.

We know that a great website gives a positive first impression of your brand which captures your target audiences’ attention.

Digital marketing Training

A Great standard website sets you apart from other businesses… It breeds credibility, and trust and attracts high-income partners and customers.

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Let’s assume you have partnered with a great website designer in Port Harcourt.

How is your website performing?

Does your website appear on Google and other search engines when people search for your services?

This is another way a great digital marketer in Port Harcourt can help boost massive sales in your business.

You see!

“It is way easier to get customers living in your city than customers living in other cities far from your business location.”

Statistics show that 88% of consumers searching for local businesses online are likely to call or visit the business within 24 hours.

Unlike customers far from your city who might need more follow-ups, or see you as an authority before acting FAST.

The process of ranking a website very high on Search engines is known as SEO.

SEO is the ability to structure your website to rank high on Search Engines for keywords related to your business.

  • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.
  • Eg. of Search Engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc (Google is the biggest search engine)
  • Keywords are phrases you want your website to rank for, Eg. (a list of your services, the name of your products, tools you use in your business, your business solutions, etc.)

Attract your ideal customers and generate more leads and sales with FineFineThings Digital services.

We ensure that your business name, services, address, and phone numbers rank high for Google searches in your location.

We conduct a Local/National link building for businesses to make them rank locally and internationally.

With our strong SEO strategies, our website dominates the FIRST spot on Google for Website designers in Port Harcourt.

We also did the same for our clients whose websites dominate the FIRST position on Google for their services., Stockframes, etc, check out our web design case studies here


Wouldn’t you like to rank your website in the first position on Google and grab all potential customers searching for where to buy the products and services you render?

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SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is the very foundation of the online success of any website.

In order to drive traffic to a website, it must be listed somewhere on the internet so that search engines can find it and rank it where prospects can find it.

This is where SEO content comes in.

Good SEO content includes keywords and the placement of those keywords in the right places on each web page.

Basically, in order to be found on search engines, we need to create pages that have a piece of content relevant to keywords great for our business.

With that said, SEO content is a marketing strategy that utilizes relevant and quality content to attract the right prospects.

This content can be blog posts, articles, videos, or any other form of content that is relevant to your target audience.Of course, the more engaging it is, the better!

  • A web-page is a page that homes content you published on your website, (eg. You’re reading this content from one of the pages on this website)


Now you’ve known that publishing SEO content on your website is crucial to attracting customers and boosting your sales

Entrust your SEO content creation with our team of content writers and we’ll write it with precision.

Our content specialists stay abreast of the latest news and market trends to ensure we adhere to Google standards when developing content.

We create attractive headlines, utilize high-performing keywords, incorporate imagery, and structure your posts to promote easy reading.

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Social media is the planet where we live online to interact with family, friends, like-minds, etc.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, etc are all social media platforms that billions of people visit every single day

You can utilize social media platforms to boost business growth and generate massive sales by setting up advertisement campaigns.

Top digital marketers in Port Harcourt can study your customers’ online behavior and create high-converting adverts on social media.

We can set up Facebook and Instagram ads, Google Ads, Tiktok ads, YouTube ads campaigns, etc. to generate quality leads that will generate massive sales for your business.

You can hire top digital marketers in Port Harcourt to set up a high-converting advert campaign or you can learn to advertise on Facebook and Instagram yourself.

Ready to learn how to explode sales with Facebook and Instagram from today,

Check out the comprehensive Facebook ads training in Nigeria right here.


Now your business is becoming popular online, and you’ve started attracting customers consistently.

There are still a few things your prospects are looking out for…

Things like wanting to know how happy your previous customers are with your products and services.

They will like to know if your business can solve their problems perfectly so they’ll seek the opinion of those before them.

And if your business positioning is well structured, it will easily evaporate objections, increase trust and escalate sales.

You see!

Your reviews and online reputation can make or break your success online.

A digital marketer in Port Harcourt can help improve your online reputation and you reap the rewards in full.

It is not even a hard nut to crack.

You can display reviews and testimonials on your business website, thus creating a healthy online reputation.

That’s why it is essential to get a website for your business.

You can also leverage Google my business listings, to accept reviews that will be very visible on search engines.

Have any problem with listing and setting up a Google my business account for your brand.

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We just talked about advertising on social media platforms to attract high-converting leads

In the same vein, we can market our products and services on search engines owned by Google

Top Digital marketers in Port Harcourt can set up Google advert campaigns that will list your products on search results for keywords relevant to your business.

Will you prefer to learn how to set up high-converting Google ads?

Check out the Google Ads implemented Training here


We all know that before the advent of digital marketing strategies, business marketing was done in traditional ways.

Up Till now, a lot of businesses, especially big brands that have a huge advertising budget still use traditional advertising methods.

The traditional marketing methods include the use of billboards, signages, flyers, posters, Car Wraps, etc.

Of course, this marketing still works, yet you can’t compare it with the effectiveness and efficiency of digital marketing strategies.

With digital marketing, you will advertise your business on platforms that have already collected data from people all over the world.

Social media platforms eg. Facebook has their members’ data which includes – their location, their age, their interest, their behaviors, their job status, their workplace, their activities, and so on.

With this data available, you can easily pay the social media platform to plug your business in front of your customers.


Now let’s compare data-driven marketing vs non-data-driven marketing.

For instance, when a business places an advertisement billboard on the roadside

  • The billboard is seen by ONLY those who came around (passersby) and then manage to read the contents of the billboard attentively. (impression very poor)
  • The message is passed to everyone and anyone, and not to a targeted audience (conversion is based on luck)
  • The business can never pinpoint how many people saw the advert and in the worst scenario, what they did after seeing the billboard… Story.


Now let’s compare with a business that places an advertisement on Facebook.

Their business will be able to…

  • Show the advert ONLY to a targeted audience (if done properly)
  • See the total number of people who saw the adverts
  • See how total number of people who click on the call to action
  • All also be able to track what people did after clicking on the advert
  • and so much more…

You see, a data-driven marketing strategy is the best to boost your business in lead generation and sales.

In fact, I recommend you read our episode on how to grow your business in Nigeria.

A Top digital marketer in Port Harcourt is in the best position to use the right customer data to boost sales massively in your business

  • Lead generation simply means the process of acquiring customers for your business


As digital marketing services become more and more important for businesses…

It is important that digital marketers in Port Harcourt are highly enlightened with the latest digital policies to operate and succeed online.


At FineFineThings, we have the best strategies in place to give businesses a strong online presence and increase sales, especially from high-paying customers.

With our well-rounded digital marketing strategies and tools, we will be able to generate leads, increase your brand’s loyalty, and drive more traffic to your business.

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