"Why Work With Us"

Looking for the top Designs and arts Company in Nigeria, Finefinethings is a Designs and Arts Agency based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

We officially launched on September 2019.

Within this very short period of time, we have completed and delivered so many jobs both offline and online.

Recently, we have given a lot of discounts and Promo packages, not that we don't know our values.

"We just wanna keep building Our Portfolio"

We are on a Journey and we are fast growing.

The Values of a Top Designs and Arts Company in Nigeria

Fast, Affordable & Reliable

Fast, Affordable & Reliable

You can always depend on us for fast, reliable, on time service.

All our services are taken seriously and delivered on time after an agreement has been reached between "Our Support and You".

We make our service prices very affordable to all our clients on discount rates, especially for New Business Brands to reap the benefits.

Are we reliable?
"Seeing is believing", Try us today and see for yourself.

Experienced and Understanding

Experienced and Understanding

Our team are not only experienced.

They are all coaches in their own field of expertise.

Our team have established track records of creating successful Brand Artworks.

We are understanding and committed to one end goal,
"Customers Satisfaction".

No On-going Costs or Hidden Charges / Contracts

No On-going Costs or Hidden Charges / Contracts

When you book with FineFineThings, the price you see is absolutely & positively the price you get to pay.

Our service price lists are in a clear and easily understandable way for you to see up front all the costs you are likely to incur before you proceed with an order.

If you are likely to order additional services, you will be given the exact cost in advance for you to be aware of what you're paying for.

Great Support & Easy Contact

Great Support & Easy Contact

We made it effortless for our clients to be able to communicate with us whenever they come through.

Starting from our homepage, we have our Contact Buttons glued to strategic angles in our website.

We also have a WhatsApp Live Chat embedded on the footer, for it to be visible on all pages.

You can reach our support via WhatsApp, Phone Number, Facebook Messenger and on Email.

Pls make use of our working hours.

Closely Related Services

Closely Related Services

Visiting our portfolio, you will perceive that our services are closely related.


  • Getting your Brand LOGO to
  • Getting your Business Card to
  • Getting your Business Registered to
  • Promoting it via Social Media Ad Banners, Flyers, Facebook Ads, Bulk SMS etc.

- - What's Next - -

...No need to go sourcing for another Designs Agency in Nigeria, We have all that taken care of...

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