You are currently viewing FAST CAC Business Registration in Port Harcourt as low as N22,000

FAST CAC Business Registration in Port Harcourt as low as N22,000

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You might not know the implications and benefits for having a great Business Registrations in Port Harcourt.

Whether it’s a small scale business, a big one, a company. Don’t hesitate to have your business registered.

When you get your business registered in Port Harcourt.

You will be issued a certificate of incorporation by the Federal Government of Nigeria through Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), a government agency empowered to register companies and issue certificates.


The first great advantage of having your company registered with the local, state or federal government is to ensure your company name is not registered by someone else.

You should always have it in mind that if your company name is “Sonia Frank Ltd” and someone else has already registered “Frank Sonia”, you can’t register “Sonia Frank” because the name is similar to “Frank Sonia”.

So always strive to register your company name before someone else snaps it from you, it’s very important.

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Benefits of Business Registration in Port Harcourt.

Customers Reputation

Business Registration is the same as CAC Registration in Port Harcourt

As said earlier, Registering your business in Port Harcourt gives your potential customers confidence that they are dealing with a reputable organization.

If your business is online based and you have the option of customers paying to your company account before you can ship the goods or services, having a registered business together with a corporate account give more credibility and trust.

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Bank Account Opening in Your Company Name.

You can open a corporate account with your business name, if your business is registered.

Having corporate account give you more credibility and trust from your customers, bank, suppliers and other business partners.


Getting Loans

With your documents as a registered business entity, access to bank loans becomes very easy compared to personal loan application.

You represent a business, thus ensures credibility and trust and also ensures confidence and your investors or lenders will see that they are dealing with a company and will be willing to do lend you money if other terms and conditions are met.


Business Trip to Other Countries

A superb benefit of having your business registered here Port Harcourt is that you can easily obtain visa and travel to any country for business purposes.

It’s no news that every country always welcomes foreign investors who are interested and willing to do business in their country because such good investments will add value to their economy.


Hiring Employees

Registered business can legally employ full-time employees and pay them salaries and other benefits as they wish.

registered businesses now have opportunity to seek for intern especially from National Youth Service Commission or Sure-p that will not cost you a lot in terms of paying salaries and incentives or even cost you nothing in the case of Sure-p.


Brand Continuity

“What kind of business or company do I want to build? Is it a company that continues when you leave this world or is it company that dies with you?”

The answer is obvious.

So if you register your business in Port Harcourt, one of the benefits is that even if you’re dead or become incapacitated, your business continues especially when you have the right structure in place.

There are so many benefits you will get from your business registration.

So, If you haven’t registered your business, it’s our mission to get your business started, provide every necessary tools and kits you need to make your brand a success.

Without Further Ado, Let’s help get you business registered.

We are a team of legal experts and accredited CAC Consultants.

We have helped thousands of entrepreneurs power their ambitions by registering their businesses.

We deliver your certificate and other documents anywhere in Nigeria within 14 working days.

Below are some necessary documents required to successfully register your business in Port Harcourt.

Note; Your location is never a hindrance. provide the required details and Contact our support to get started immediately.
Special Notice: This procedures /requirements can’t be used by foreigners intending to participate in Nigeria business.

Business Registration in Port Harcourt – Requirements

1. Proposed name of the company. ( please provide us with 2 options)

*availability check will be conducted on the CAC portal to find out if the name is available and not already in use.

2. The principle Address of the company.

3. Particulars of the proprietor or proprietors.

  • A copy of their identification card, International passport/National Identity card/drivers licence/voters card).
  • Phone number and email address..

4. The objectives of the business (i.e. what the company intends to do).

5. Profession of proprietor OR objectives and business of the individual /company.

NOTE THIS: Official and professional fee for business name registration is N25,000

How long does it take to have your business registered in Port Harcourt, Nigeria?

Business name registration is faster right now, it takes just within 48 hours to register a business in Port Harcourt if applicant provides all the required information.


Company Registrations In Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Want to Register your company in Port Harcourt?

It is not a hustle. Contact Us for proceedings.


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