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Best Business Branding in Port Harcourt – Consideration 2022

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This is your Branding and Business Naming Handbook!

Are you thinking of starting, growing a business in Nigeria or any part of the world?

It is very important to note that a lot of strategy, planning and mapping goes into starting and designing a business from the ground up.

Just like the top companies your hear about today, they all started from the bottom till the got to where they are today.


Do you want your dream business to be a household name in its niche or industry? Then a careful thinking about your brand and the image you’ll present to consumers should be considered importantly.

Before we chose the Brand name “FineFineThings” we did a whole lot of research before we came up with the name.

We wanted to:

  • Have a Catchy and Unique Business Name
  • Be Creative and Stand out from the crowd
  • Have a name which speaks our language “Designs”.


What is Business Branding?

As defined by TrainOfThought.

Your brand is you. It’s a carefully developed set of characteristics people use to identify and align themselves with your company or product. It’s how people know you and how they experience you. Your brand determines whether or not people trust you, your team and your product or service.

Great branding is more than its logo, company, or customer’s perceptions.

It has to do with initiating a series of thoughts followed by an emotional connection that leads to a relationship between the company and customers.

In your journey to designing a successful Business Brand and maximize every opportunity it brings, you will need to stay positive on your journey of discovery and belief.

Believing in Your Brand

As defined earlier, your brand is you, which means your brand is born inside you.

Believing in your Brand is more than just accepting the fact that you want to structure your dream business.

Instead this believe initiates a consistent clarity, motivates your people, and importantly, it’s a brand your potential customers (prospects) can believe in.

When people believe in your brand, they trust you. When they trust you, they buy from you.

Brand Commitment

Brand Commitment comes after Brand Promise.

Promises are made to be broken, unlike Commitments which it’s real definition is to provide strong foundation that people can believe in.

Brand Commitment is very important in every business in Port Harcourt and in all states in Nigeria, in the sense that it encourages clients to make commitments too when they purchase your products with their hard-earned money.


The term Business Naming can also be called Brand Naming.

Business Naming is not meant to be gambled, but instead it should be a blend of strategy, creativity, poetry and balance.


Having a business name already crafted in your mind Or using any online business name generators is not bad at all, but you have to put some factors into consideration before naming your business.

What Makes a Great Business Name

At last, you have discovered a great name for your business.

Finally you will need to analyze to know if the business name you chose goes in rhythm to creativity and identity.

  • Have your business name been taken already?
  • Does your business name clearly reflects your Brand mission and vision?
  • What impact does your business name makes to your customers?
  • Can your business name be easily found when customers or prospects searches for them?
  • And lots more…


Thinking of a powerful Branding Agency helping marketers and salespeople to achieve their goals with Business Names and Branding Strategy that reflects their mission and vision.

Look no further, we make Brands look good.

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FineFineThings Branding and Web Design in Port Harcourt

We have made it very easy to receive all the ideas you have concerning your business.

Via our “Quote Request Page“, we collect every necessary data needed on our quest to give your Business a Branding Identity with professionally crafted website design in Port Harcourt making your brand stand out like a “Rockstar” in your business niche.

You can refer to Our Consult Page to gain some marketing tactics and also check through all the services we provide, so you can send us a checklist of your business desires.

Why Should You Use Our Quote Request form?

1. Understanding Your Business Needs.

FineFineThings as a Branding Agency and marketing agency will need to have a clear idea of your business’ mission, goals, target audience, and value proposition.

Before deciding on a Business name, we should be able to have answers to;

What your business stands for?
What product/service you are selling?
Who and who should be your target audience?

2. Think of Descriptive Keywords

Once we have understood the core focus of your business. We will take some time to brainstorm keywords that describe your business with the perfect aim of connecting your product or service to its target audience.

For instance, if you’re starting a Photography business, keywords like “camera”, “snap”, “shoot”, “capture”, “lens”, etc. are all good starting points for your business name.

Digital marketing Training

3. Choose a Business Naming style.

Do you know that their are different styles in naming a business?

Oh oh!, now you know…

Here are few options to consider when planning to create a unique Business Name.

  • Including the names/name of the company founders/founder.
  • Using a single word.
  • Choosing from list of researched keywords your business tend to target.
  • Switching, changing, adding, or removing letters from keywords.
  • Combining two or more words.
  • Using a metaphor.
  • Creating an acronym.

4. Start your Branding Desires

At this point, you must have been contacted and a contract been signed.

We will kick-off our branding services and start work on your business.

See “How We Work”.

We can also arrange a meet up if it is necessary.

Right now, we have a question for you.


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