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169+ HOT Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria to Earn $$

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I hope you enjoy reading our post.

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We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria for you, if you love to make money in dollars.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to build a passive income business and start earning dollars in Nigeria 

Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of legit Nigerian-based affiliate programs to participate in and earn peanuts 

But hell no! 

We’re not here for that… 


We are here to make a reasonable amount of money in dollars with affiliate marketing 

So if you were expecting an affiliate program in Nigeria that tells you to “comment and earn N20″, “share and earn N50“… 

I’m sorry this content is not meant for you 😇


Our primary goal of publishing this article is to earn dollars in Nigeria, with a monthly income of at least $500 to $5,000. 

And to assist you in achieving that, we will be introducing more than 10 unique affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria…


Oh, and before I forget, take a look at this: Lucrative businesses you can start with your smartphone that pays $500 – $2000 


The good news is that these top affiliate marketing programs will put you on solid financial ground, so you can begin generating respectable income online

So, are you prepared to join affiliate networks that will pay you highly in dollars? 

Let’s roll 🔥


This is what you will discover here today… 

  • Which is the best affiliate program in Nigeria?

  • Is affiliate marketing good in Nigeria?

  • Free affiliate programs in Nigeria 2023

  • Affiliate marketing in Nigeria without a website

  • Pay per click affiliate programs in Nigeria

  • Best High paying affiliate program in Nigeria

  • Affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria 

  • and lots more… 


Before we dive right into the list of hot affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria to earn in dollars 

Let’s get started with a few, but very important explanations of affiliate marketing, terms related to it and how to get started… 


Table of Contents...


Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria


Affiliate marketing refers to the practice of earning a commission by successfully promoting products and services of another business to people who needs them 

…and each time a sale is made through the affiliate links given, the affiliate will earn commissions also known as “referral commissions” 

The sales are always tracked through the affiliate links till the transaction is completed


What are Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Affiliate marketing programs, also known as associate programs, provide a framework that enables people and businesses to connect and collaborate.

Both the vendor and the affiliate can join the affiliate program, talk about a partnership, and begin working together.


These affiliate systems, however, are intricate machines that serve a variety of purposes beyond assisting merchants and the affiliate marketer. 

Furthermore, when a customer completes a purchase, affiliate programs provide financial rewards to both the vendor and the affiliate.


Who Participates in Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Affiliate marketing succeeds when a ‘buy and sell process’ occurs between three parties. 


These parties are;

  1. The Product Maker or VENDOR:

This is the owner of the product – Whether the product is owned by a small business, a large corporation, a Digital Creator, etc. 


The owner of the digital products also called the vendor has a product to sell, and wants marketers to help sell the digital product on a large scale 

For instance, the vendor can be an expert in the affiliate marketing niche, so he/she created an online course on “Steps by Step Guide to becoming a Super Affiliate”. 

He wants to reach a new audience by promoting the course on an affiliate network for affiliate marketers to promote the course extensively 

By doing so, the course will reach more people in need of it, hence more money for the vendor 

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  1. The Affiliate or PUBLISHER:

An affiliate, also known as the Affiliate marketer or a publisher, is a person or business that enticingly advertises the seller’s goods to prospective customers. 

Consequently, the affiliate promotes the product to persuade customers to see its benefits and encourage them to purchase the product. 

The affiliate receives a portion of the sales if the customer decides to buy the product.


Affiliate marketers frequently target a certain audience and cater their promotions to meet their needs. 

As a result, the affiliate develops a specialty or personal brand that helps them draw in customers who will probably take advantage of the promotion.

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  1. The Customer or REFERAL:

The customer is the person who decides to purchase or buy the vendor’s product through the affiliate marketer’s recommendations 

Whether or not the buyer is aware of it, affiliate marketers are there to help them make the best choices.


Affiliate marketers usually post these products on their websites, blogs, or social media accounts.

The affiliate and the vendor will split the proceeds as soon as an order is fulfilled… 


In order to be transparent with the customer, the affiliate may occasionally choose to disclose that they receive commissions for the transactions they bring in. 

Other times, the client may not be aware of the affiliate marketing framework supporting their purchase.

Since the affiliate marketer’s share of the profit is already included in the retail price, the buyer WON’T PAY MORE for products purchased through affiliate links. 

The buyer will complete the purchase procedure as usual and receive the product without being impacted by the affiliate marketing system, of which they are an essential component.



There are several reasons to start affiliate marketing or promote affiliate marketing programs listed right here 

Hence we will be introducing just 5 of them… 

  1. It’s a Cheap Business to Start:

Affiliate marketing requires almost no upfront investment.

You have no goods to produce or store.

You don’t even need to create services, in fact.

Start out, decide how you want to play your affiliate game.


You may start your own blog and earn money from it using affiliate links and these powerful blog monetization strategies.

You only need to create a website/blog and join an affiliate program.


Affiliate programs are generally cost-free.

You must pay for website hosting and your website domain if you use a website or blog.

This is something like $5 each month.


Your website’s content, which should be of the best SEO quality possible, represents your other major expense.

Normally, you would handle this yourself (at least when you first started).


You can also build a YouTube channel for free if you don’t wish to develop a blog instead.

Read this: How YouTubers in Nigerian earn dollars every month from YouTube 


  1. Developing into Something Massive is Easier:

The fact that affiliate marketing is a highly scalable industry makes it so remarkable.

You can easily hire more individuals if it turns out that you’re doing fantastic and you appear to have too much work to do.


For instance, if you use a blog or a YouTube channel, you can hire content writers or video producers respectively 

The return on investment is really enormous.

Since you don’t have to rent an office and you don’t require customer assistance, your investment remains modest.

You can be a pioneer and become famous by creating a brand that revolves around selling products and services and earning commissions for it. 

Think big brands like Uber, Amazon, AirBnB, Jumia, etc. 

These companies make millions with the affiliate marketing businesses model. 


  1. You Gain Professional Independence

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you are in charge!

You set your own working hours.

As long as you have an internet connection, you may work wherever you like – at home, in coffee shops, on the beach, etc.

If you happen to be good enough and put in an honest effort, you can also make as much money as you want.


According to a survey, affiliate marketers can bring in anywhere from hundreds and millions of dollars annually.


Super affiliates in Nigeria like Olusola David earn Millions every month like it ain’t no big deal

After a while in the business, you’ll even start generating passive income.

Nothing is as awesome as being in some place having fun while you know that at that very moment, you’re confident that you’re still making money

Let’s talk more about the passive income aspect of affiliate marketing 


  1. A Recurring and Passive Income Generator

Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria


Affiliate marketing offers the chance to make money while you sleep, unlike any “regular” job that requires that you be present to receive payment. 

Spending a little effort on powerful content will yield consistent results because customers will continue to purchase the item throughout the coming weeks and months. 

Long after you’ve finished your work, you still get paid.


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  1. You Promote and Sell What You Like:

With affiliate marketing, you can maintain your honesty and integrity

Nobody is forcing you to work with individuals you dislike or to promote something you don’t agree with.


The beauty of it is that!

Your career can be developed by you on your own!

Working only with companies you respect and endorsing goods you find personally valuable is very important.

This not only makes it the moral thing to do, but it also makes it a lot more effective.


You might ask… why did I say that?

Well, since you don’t have to fabricate anything or lie just to make a sale, unlike when you’re employed under a company that gives you deadlines and all that… 

As an affiliate, you employ yourself and simply sell something you want!

It’s as sweet as that… 



The steps to begin affiliate marketing programs for Nigerians are shown below.


#1. Become an affiliate:

You will first register to advertise products. 

You can visit affiliate marketplaces like Clickbank, Jvzoo, Expertnaire, etc., or join any of the affiliate programs listed in this article to get started. 


#2. Acquire your affiliate link:

You will be given a link (URL) that is specific to you when you sign up (called an affiliate link). 

This affiliate link or code also called “a referral link” will be used to track all your sales. 

From your affiliate dashboard, you will be able to see your development and other things


#3. Payments Stipulation:

The majority of affiliate programs and websites will compensate you if you’ve reached a specific commission threshold (such as $5, $50, $100, and so on).

Just to be clear, a payment threshold is a specific sales threshold you must meet before receiving commission payments.


For instance, in order to receive payment from Expertnaire, you must first earn N5,000 at least 

Once you have reached the minimum payout requirements, you can withdraw commissions straight to your bank account details 


The oxygen of every business including affiliate marketing is traffic 

Traffic is the act of making sure that new people see your business every day 

Even if you have a great business, a great product, a great service, or a product to recommend as an affiliate 

If people don’t know that about it, who then will buy it?

You have to make sure to market your business every blessed day. 


So getting traffic to your business is the most important way to grow your business in Nigeria 

With that said! 

To promote affiliate programs in Nigeria successfully, you need to do One IMPORTANT THING… 

Send traffic to your affiliate links” 

The more you send traffic to your affiliate links, the better your chance of making sales and earning affiliate commissions. 


There are two methods to sending traffic to your affiliate links – The Free traffic method and the paid traffic method 

  1. Free Traffic Method:

In this traffic method, you won’t spend money to get customers to click on your affiliate links and make a purchase.

Yes, you won’t spend a dime 

But you will “spend time” to create valuable contents that will attract the right kind of audience that will listen to your recommendations 


The popular ways to develop a loyal audience and send traffic to your affiliate links for free is through your social media handles, forums, YouTube, and your blog/website

For this method to work out… 

You must consistently post valuable and engaging content, that will trigger the reader to take action 


This is what to do if you build a website for your affiliate marketing business 

Step 1. Decide on the affiliate product to advertise

Step 2. Publish a blog post in form of reviews, testimonials, Top lists, results comparisons, etc. in regard to the product you’re recommending 

Step 3. Also, follow up with your website visitors with email marketing campaigns


Having a blog is one of the best ways to promote affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria if you’re on a low budget and you’re not in a hurry to start earning affiliate commissions. 

Keep reading: You will discover more ways to promote affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria even without having a website. 


  1. Paid Traffic Method:

This entails promoting affiliate products and services via paid traffic

In this method, you will pay to send traffic to your affiliate links from platforms that already have hundreds of thousands, millions, and even billions of active members 


The best place to buy traffic is from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

You can also buy traffic from search engines through Google ads, Bing ads, YouTube ads, etc. 



This is a very important question for a lot of people, especially the affiliate marketing beginners

Anyone can start affiliate marketing in Nigeria for free, all you need is the right knowledge of how it is done… 

Of course, you have nothing to worry about… 

In this detailed guide, you will discover ways to promote any affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria without a website 


Kindly note that whether you use a website or not… 

You must utilize content marketing to promote affiliate products on a platform where you have authority.

Surely you are familiar with social media influencers in Nigeria 

These are folks who use the audiences they have amassed through time to suggest products and earn commissions doing so.

You too can become an influencer by consistently creating content related to the affiliate programs/products you promote. 


So have you heard of super affiliates in Nigeria making a good amount of money monthly even without a website or blog? 

Haha, I will reveal to you, the secrets of how they’re making good sales online 

So, You want to start and scale your affiliate marketing without a website – No Problemo 🤝

Here’s how it is done… 



Whatsapp marketing is one of the best ways to promote affiliate platforms without involving website designers in Nigeria 

WhatsApp requires no special technical know-how to operate. 

It is arguably the simplest messaging app with the largest number of users.


As an affiliate marketer in Nigeria, Whatsapp is the best medium to message and follow up with customers

Whatsapp has the highest open rate compared to any other messaging medium in the world 


If you have never sold anything online before! 

Selling on WhatsApp is the easiest way to start promoting affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria 

With features like Whatsapp status, Whatsapp broadcast list, Whatsapp groups… 

You can make millions with your smartphone as an affiliate marketer 


Want to Skyrocket your own Affiliate Marketing Business using Whatsapp? 

Whatsapp money Mastery





This is your ability to grow followers and fans through content creation.


a. Social Media Platforms: 

It is a super effective way to grow a loyal fan base on social media platforms because of how active these platforms are. 

Each month, Facebook and YouTube receive 2.85 billion visitors and 2.2 billion visitors on average. 

That is very massive as you can build your own audience from scratch on the social media platforms 

Below is the list of best social media platforms to grow loyal followers and possibly become influential for your affiliate marketing business in Nigeria:


LinkedIn: LinkedIn as a social media also serves as a micro-blogging platform with over 830 million members and 58 million registered companies. 

You can build an audience on LinkedIn by posting valuable and strategic content that links to products, courses, or services you’re promoting.


Facebook: Facebook is the father of all social media platforms. 

You can also build a loyal fan base on Facebook when you post engaging content on your Facebook profile, page, and group.


YouTube: YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google where you can join for free and build loyal followers known as “YouTube Subscribers”

All you need to do is to create a YouTube channel for free… 

… Then upload video content introducing the benefits of the affiliate programs you’re promoting 

Don’t forget to use eye-catchy thumbnails, optimize for video keywords and leave your affiliate link in the description section of your video. 


Instagram: Instagram is another powerful social media platform to promote affiliate programs 

Instagram attracts over 1.2 billion people every month and it is an amazing platform for both image content and video content 

Make sure to frequently use your content for marketing purposes with useful hashtags that will help your content to show up where it should organically 


Twitter: Twitter is the home base of several affiliate marketers in Nigeria. 

With over 450 monthly visitors on Twitter, you can build a solid fan base who will receive notifications each time you post your content 

Be very smart about using Twitter – use a lot of relevant hashtags to reach the right audience organically 


Tiktok: Tiktok is an insane traffic generation platform with over 1 billion visitors every single month 

Tiktok supports only video content, so you can create marketing videos and also tell your viewers to click the link on your bio 

The link on your bio should be your Whatsapp contact link, so you can keep in touch with your prospects. 


b. Membership & Forums

Another super effective way to grow a loyal fan base is by becoming very active in an already existing community with massive members 

The best forum to join should be an active community where a lot of questions are asked… 

As an affiliate marketer, you’re to publish well-detailed answers and finally introduce a solution that can be your affiliate link

Below is the list of forums and membership platforms to grow loyal followers and possibly become influential for your affiliate marketing business in Nigeria:


Facebook Groups: Join active Facebook groups related to the affiliate program you want to promote 

Always post valuable answers to interesting questions asked… 

With time you will be noticed as an expert and members will take your recommendations very seriously


Reddit: Reddit is an amazing community filled with audiences from top-tier countries like the United States 

You can register on Reddit for free,, join popular subreddit in your niche… answer questions, publish content, and gather followers that will click on your affiliate links. 


Quora: Quora is just like Reddit where you can create a strong profile to introduce yourself 

Then post excellent answers to very active questions and recommend solutions as well


Nairaland: Nairaland is the most popular online forum in Africa with over 3 million visitors every month 

You can join groups, publish articles and answer questions related to the affiliate program you’re promoting in Nairaland  


LinkedIn Group etc.: LinkedIn Groups are a fantastic resource for professionals in the same field or with related interests to exchange knowledge and experiences, get advice, and form useful connections.

You can join LinkedIn groups for free, similar to how it works on Reddit… answer thoughtful questions, create engaging content, and build an audience that will click on your affiliate links


KINDLY NOTE THIS: With all your engagements and activity on these social media platforms, networking platforms, and forums… 

It is always a great marketing strategy to lead prospects from social media straight to your Whatsapp, 


Whatsapp marketing is best for customer bonding, follow-ups, and sales conversions, especially in Africa. 


Want to Skyrocket your own Affiliate Marketing Business using Whatsapp? 

Whatsapp money Mastery







Copywritten Contents: These are written contents that have great sales intent 

Copywriting is one of the most critical elements of any and all forms of marketing. 

With these written words, affiliate marketers can persuade people to take action while reading their content.


You can promote affiliate programs in Nigeria with value-packed content that your audience will love to read. 

Just make sure to include a CTA (Call to action) 


Image Contents: Images play a crucial role in marketing across all channels, including websites, banner ads, magazine posters, and everything in between.

With images and photos, you can activate the emotion of your audiences and help to form an idea of the product and increase sales as an affiliate marketer


Video Contents: You can also leverage the power of videos by creating videos on the benefits of the affiliate programs you’re promoting. 

At first, consider the kind of video that would be best to promote the product. 

Maybe a tutorial video to help your audience understand how the program will impact their lives Or perhaps how to use the product. 

This would entice your audience to make a purchase with your affiliate link

YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc are great platforms to market your video content.


Audio Contents: You can record audio content and publish them online for free as a Podcaster, similar to how YouTube works. 

The best tactic to promote affiliate programs or services with your audio content is by mentioning them during the episode 

… and also pasting your affiliate links in the description section of the podcast you uploaded 


For instance, if you were doing a podcast about how you hang things on the wall without nails…, it would make sense for you to mention products like Nano tapes and where to buy them


Kindly Note: While creating content for promoting affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria

It is an excellent practice to let your audience know if a link is an affiliate link. 

Also, it is a compliance requirement in the terms and conditions for most affiliate networks. 

You can keep it simple by saying, “if you decide to purchase through the link in the description, I will receive a small commission with no extra cost to you.”



Growing a YouTube channel is another fantastic way to promote affiliate programs without a website 

Did you know that approximately 122 million people visit YouTube every day? 

So YouTube is surely a hot sales ground for affiliate marketers 


You could set up a YouTube channel, where you can upload educational and useful videos related to your affiliate programs

Starting a YouTube channel is free.


Read this: How Nigerian Youtubers Earn Dollars — $2500 Monthly 



This is by running ads to promote affiliate marketing programs and also earn commissions while at it. 

Some of the best type of sponsored ads to run includes; 

Facebook ads,

Instagram Ads,

Google AdWords,

Bing ads

YouTube ads

Email ads

Native ads

– and more



Another way to promote affiliate programs in Nigeria without your own website is by working with owners of authority websites 

You can do this by visiting a top website you wish to work with …

Then, review the terms and conditions for their advertisements, and if everything looks good to you 

You can then contact the site’s admin, Submit your material and make payments to sponsor your affiliated post.



Many course creators and affiliate marketers in Nigeria use online classes either to promote products, services, and courses effectively

According to the Content Marketing Institute, nearly 60% of marketers prefer to use webinars to promote their products.

Because webinars are a visual medium, they can instantly grab the attention of your potential customers to digest information quickly and easily, compared to written content. 

That’s why a great webinar can effectively encourage your prospects to make a purchase


Hosting an online class or webinar doesn’t require much expertise and can be done without spending a dime 

There are many ways to just host online classes for free, they include – Whatsapp Classes, Zoom classes, Facebook lives, YouTube lives, Instagram Live, Google Meet, etc. 

To host successful online classes, don’t look pushy or salesy.



Another smart way to promote affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria without a website is with influencers. 

Influencers are people with large and engaged followings on social media platforms

With their social media presence, you can reach out and connect with potential customers for your affiliate business. 


Though this is an expensive form of marketing, it always generates high-quality leads, clicks, and sales which is great for your ROI. 

To succeed with this form of marketing, you have to seek out influencers that fit your niche

Great Influencers can be well-known figures on social media, industry experts, thought leaders, trendsetters, and niche bloggers.

They can be big-time celebrities with millions of followers or small-time influencers with specialized audiences.

It is best to discover influencers who fit your affiliate business and have a similar target audience unless you intend to collaborate with influencers on a celebrity level.



Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria


last, but not least is guest posting or guest blogging… 

One of the most affordable and successful content types for promoting any product is guest articles.

You may reach new audiences and raise awareness of your affiliate business by guest posting.

All you have to do is locate a website with high domain authority in your niche and enquire if you can submit a guest post.. 

Some sites might accept publishing your guest posts for free… 

Some sites might request a fee, while some might accept your guest post with no link back to your affiliate program. 

Whatever the condition…. 

Keep in mind that guest posting will positively increase your product’s visibility and your chances of making affiliate sales with someone else’s website.

So you wanted to promote affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria without a website… 

Now you’ll be using another person’s website by guest posting… your head 😝

Great news… We allow guest posting right here on our website… Click Here


Okay, I believe we have done well to reveal the benefits to start affiliate marketing business in Nigeria

… And also great ways to promote affiliate programs to your advantage, 

Let’s move on to the list of Top affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria to earn in dollars. 



We have compiled over 170+ Affiliate marketing programs for Nigerians to register, promote and earn great commissions 

They are well-numbered and listed in *italics

Do well to conduct a quick Google search to learn more about these programs and how they work.

Keep track of the marketing strategies we revealed at the beginning of this article and promote the programs that work best for your audience. 


Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria – SOFTWARE

Here are the lists of top 10 software to promote as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria and earn dollars


  1. Jobbers – Affiliate program:

Award-winning software called Jobber assists small home service companies in organizing every aspect of their business, from scheduling work and overseeing crews to billing clients and collecting money.

You receive $5 for each Signup as an affiliate on Jobber

Here are all of the Jobber affiliate earning plans for you.

  • 60% for the sale of Core Monthly!
  • 60% for the sale of Connect Monthly!
  • 60% for the sale of Grow Monthly!
  • $50 for the sale of Core Annual!
  • $150 for the sale of Connect Annual!
  • $300 for the sale of Grow Annual!


  1. Asana – Affiliate Program:

An online and mobile tool called Asana is made to make it easier for teams to plan, monitor, and control their work. 

Asana enables entrepreneurs to manage several jobs and team projects with ease.

See Asana’s Affiliate program here


  1. Referral Candy – Affiliate Program:

ReferralCandy is a software that has been in operation since 2009 and powers referral marketing campaigns for online stores of various sizes.

When you suggest a client, you earn $20 as an affiliate in referralcandy 

You will receive $20 in cash when someone makes an account using your invite link in other words.


  1. Zoom – Affiliate Program:

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing system that may be used for webinars, audio conferences, video conferences, recording meetings, and more.

Like me, I assume you had no idea that Zoom has an affiliate program. 

The good news is that you can sign up and earn extra money.

See the Zoom affiliate program


  1. Voluum – Affiliate Program:

The best tracking application for affiliates is called Voluum Ad Tracker. 

To track consumer campaigns, the Voluum software has sophisticated analytical analytics and built-in optimization tools.

For each sale you bring in as a Voluum affiliate, you will receive 20% Lifetime Commissions.


  1. Microsoft – Affiliate Program:

An American multinational technology company called Microsoft Corporation makes computer software, consumer devices, and personal computers.

Join the Microsoft affiliate program if you’re a fan of the company or run a tech blog to earn some extra cash.


  1. Builderall – Affiliate Program:

One of the most effective and comprehensive digital marketing platforms for creating sales funnels and much more is Builderall.

Without requiring a third-party site or integration, the Software offers an all-in-one method for exploding your business’s online presence.

As an affiliate, you receive 100% compensation on the initial payment of any customer you refer to Builderall.


  1. Google Workspace – Affiliate Program for Newbies:

Applications like Gmail, Meet, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Calendar are all part of Google Workspace 

You may already be using free versions of these; they were once known as G Suite.

You can earn extra money if you can advertise these programs.

Checkout the G-Workspace affiliate program


  1. Tapfiliate – Affiliate Program:

A cloud-based affiliate tracking tool called Tapfiliate oversees affiliate programs for users.

Your own affiliate marketing and referral programs may be easily created, tracked, and managed with this affiliate marketing software.

For the first six months after a customer pays after you suggest them, you receive a 20% recurring commission as an affiliate promoting the tool.

Go to the Tapfiliate Software Affiliate Program page.


  1. 1Password – Affiliate Program:

With the aid of 1Password, you can use the same password vault to sync your passwords across all of your devices.

Additionally, it features browser add-ons that flawlessly operate on your computer hardware.

Join the network of 1Password’s dependable partners today to find out new revenue-generating options as a 1Password affiliate


Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria – WEB HOSTING 

Here are a few lists of the top web-hosting affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria 

You can promote them via blog content on your website or with video tutorials on YouTube 


  1. Kinsta Affiliate Marketing Program:

Kinsta is a superb hosting platform that manages some of the most well-known websites in the world, and I rank it as the best-managed WordPress hosting.

With a $60 discount for bloggers and small business owners… 

Kinsta is recognized for giving you superior benefits and accelerated website speed.

Depending on the Kinsta plans you select, you can host your website and utilize all the premium features.

You may earn up to $500 on each sale when you promote the Kinsta Affiliate program


  1. DomainRacer Affiliate Marketing Program:

Another provider of web hosting that provides large financial affiliate commissions

The conversion rate for DomainRacer is 13.11 percent, and it offers a wide range of commissions up to 70% as a DomainRacer Affiliate


  1. HostGator Affiliate Marketing Program:

An established web hosting provider, HostGator, handles up to 8 million websites globally.

They will also offer you free assistance if you are moving your website from another web host.

Furthermore, the HostGator affiliate marketing program in Nigeria offers earnings of up to $65 or more.


  1. Bluehost Affiliate Marketing Program:

The same firm that owns HostGator also owns the popular web host Bluehost.

For new customers or those planning to relocate their website… 

Bluehost is a fantastic recommended web hosting provider.

Because it provides hosting packages that are equivalent to those of HostGator.

As a Nigerian affiliate for Bluehost, you might earn up to $60 or more per month.


  1. Hostnoc Affiliate Marketing Program:

First of all, Hostnoc is a Canadian web host that provides cloud hosting, VPS, VPN, and other services at the most affordable rates.

In terms of its $150 per sale model, it still offers a ton of functionality and excellent cybersecurity.

You will receive a flat 50% commission and $150 for each sale made using your affiliate link as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria.


  1. WPEngine Affiliate Marketing Program:

For those with active websites, WPEngine, a well-known competitor of Kinsta, is a great web host.

For each successful web hosting plan sale, WpEngine’s affiliates can earn up to $200. 

This is no doubt, one of the best-paying affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria. 


  1. CloudWays Affiliate Marketing Program:

If you want to host your website on a cloud provider or for managed hosting in Nigeria, 

Cloudways is a fantastic option.

In spite of the fact that they provide top web hosting services here in Nigeria

You can host your online store with them for as little as $10, which is fantastic for business owners.

With the Cloudways affiliate program, you can earn up to $125 from each sale based on the Performance Slabs.


  1. SiteGround Affiliate Marketing Program:

Siteground is an excellent and well-known web hosting provider in the world

Based on my experience, you can make up to $50 with SiteGround affiliate commission for each signup.


  1. Flywheel Affiliate Marketing Program:

Flywheel is also a dependable and hospitable web hosting service provider 

Each sale of a web hosting service can earn you up to $500 as a Nigerian who affiliates for Flywheel.


  1. Hostinger Affiliate Marketing Program:

While it might be unfamiliar to those of us in Nigeria

One of the most flexible and cost-effective premium web hosting providers is still Hostinger, 

With Hostinger services, you can start a blog with web hosting for less than $1 per month.

Join the Hostinger affiliate program here 


Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria – PAY PER CLICK

Right here, we revealed the most popular affiliate programs that pay in dollars earn time someone clicks on it… A.k.a “Per pay Click” 

PPC, which stands for Pay Per Click, is an advertising model in which advertisers pay publishers a commission each time one of their ads is clicked.

Let’s look at some of the best Pay Per Click Affiliate marketing Programs in Nigeria

Utilize these advert networks programs and earn dollars online.


  1. Ambassador programs:

A leading online ad-tech business creates cutting-edge technologies for marketers and publishers.

With the Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads service, affiliates can get paid for referring users.

Take a look at the Pay Per Click Affiliate Program.


  1. RevenuHits Referral program:

RevenuHits is a self-service ad network platform for publishers, similar to

You receive 10% of quality publishers’ annual revenue who sign up for RevenueHits as an affiliate.

Take a look at the RevenuHits Pay Per Click Affiliate Program.


  1. Skimlinks Affiliate Program:

Skimlinks is the best platform for monetizing commercial content. 

Its system automatically monetizes product links in articles pertaining to commerce.

For any publication you recommend to Skimlinks, you earn a 35% commission during the first year of their participation.

Visit the Skimlinks Pay Per Click Affiliate Program


Also, discover more pay per click affiliate programs here 


Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria – WEBSITE BUILDERS 

Website builders are tools for building reputable and authoritative websites in the internet space 

Let’s look at some of the best website builders as most of them provide a free trial and also affiliate commissions. 


  1.’s Affiliate Program:

You may not be aware that there is a domain name ending in 

There you go, 

On the platform called, you can easily launch your website for no cost and with minimal customization.

Each consumer who purchases the premium edition of the website as an associate of will make you $100.

Take a look at the Affiliate Program.


  1. The Wix Affiliate Program 

Wix is a popular website builder for creating your brand’s online presence with a website 

Each customer who purchases the website’s premium version pays $100 to you as an affiliate marketer for Wix.

Examine the Wix Website Builder Affiliate Program.


  1. Site123’s Affiliate Program

Site123 is another straightforward website builder you can use to create a portfolio website.

As a Site123 affiliate marketer, you get paid $180 for each user that purchases the website’s premium edition.

Check out the Site123 Affiliate Program for Website Builder


  1. Gators’ Affiliate Program

Still run by, Gator is a drag-and-drop website builder for those who prefer to use one.

In a similar spirit, you may make up to $75 by endorsing the Gator website builder.

Take a look at the Gator Website Builder Affiliate Program.


  1. Pixpa Affiliate Program: 

Pixpa is a website that serves as a portfolio for photographers and other creators.

If you are a photographer, you can use the site without using a credit card to test it out as you get started.

Additionally, you can earn up to $150 for each premium Client you bring in by promoting Pixpa to small business photographers.

Take a look at the Pixpa Portfolio Website Partner Program.


Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria – KEYWORD RESEARCH 

Let’s take a look at tools for keyword research to assist bloggers in analyzing their material for things like keyword volume, difficulty, backlinks, and much more.

You may earn dollars promoting affiliate keyword research tools to the appropriate demographics.

Let’s discuss a few of them that comes with great affiliate commissions


  1. SEMrush’s affiliate program

SEMrush is my go-to tool for keyword research. 

You can receive a recurring commission of up to 40% as a SEMrush affiliate for subscription sales!


  1. KwFinder’s affiliate program

KwFinder, like SEMrush, is a useful keyword research tool for both novice and experienced users.

By marketing the popular and widely utilized Mangools SEO tools, you may earn a 30% LIFETIME commission as an affiliate.


  1. SerpStat’s affiliate program

SerpStat is yet another effective tool for keyword research.

Every purchase made using your referral link pays you 30% of the price as an affiliate.


  1. LongTailPro’s affiliate program:

This is still a fantastic resource for finding keywords.

You receive a 30% commission on all sales and recurring transactions made through your referrals to LongtailPro’s pro plans.


  1. Keyword Revealer Affiliate program:

The Keyword Revealer offers free customers 3 daily searches as part of their affiliate program.

As an associate, you can receive a monthly recurring commission of up to 30% from everyone you recommend!!


Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria – WORDPRESS THEMES 

Similar to how your phone’s wallpaper adds excitement to your phone, WordPress themes do the same for your website.

A WordPress theme is technically a group of templates and stylesheets used to specify the look and presentation of a website powered by WordPress. 

We have listed some of the top WordPress themes to market to your audiences and earn as an affiliate below.


  1. ThemeForest affiliate program

The Envato Market, the largest creative marketplace in the world, sells millions of digital assets annually.

When you refer a customer to make their first purchase, you receive a 30% affiliate commission


  1. StudioPress’s affiliate program:

Studiopress can help bloggers to turn their passion for writing into lucrative online businesses using their themes. 

They also offer good commissions to Studiopress affiliates


  1. Affiliate Program for Astra

With the Astra theme, you can earn a commission on each sale ranging from $17 to $210

Atheme’s affiliate program offers you the chance to earn up to 50% of the proceeds from each sale you refer.


  1. ThemeIsle’s affiliate program:

Themeisle offers the chance to make up to 50% of all sales by referring paying customers to the company. 

Check out ThemeIsle’s Affiliate Program


  1. Organized Themes’ affiliate program:

This offers more than 17% commissions for clients you refer to the company.

Check out the Organized Themes Affiliate Program


  1. WpZoom Affiliate Program

With Wpzoom, you’ll receive a 30% commission for every new member who signs up using your link.

Check out WpZoom Affiliate Program


  1. Rocket Theme’s affiliate program:

This offers the following in exchange for your participation:

Up to 30% commission on sales!

  • Earn 15% on sales up to $150 per month
  • Earn 20% on sales from $151 to $1500 per month
  • Earn 25% on sales from $1501 to $5000 per month
  • Earn 30% on sales above $5001 per month

Take a look at the Rocket Affiliate Program


Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria – WORDPRESS PLUGIN 

Similar to your mobile Android apps, WordPress plugins let you personalize your website as you desire.

WordPress plugins are technically little pieces of software that you may apply to your site to increase its functionality.

The plugins listed below are among affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria to promote to WordPress users and earn great commissions. 


  1. The iThemes Affiliate Program:

IThemes pays 25% in commission for sales made as a result of your affiliate links for iThemes products, according to her affiliate page.


  1. WP Rocket’s affiliate:

This program offers the following commission structures for affiliates who promote the plugin:

The single plan sells for $49 – you earn $9.80

Plus plan sells for $99 – you earn $19.80

The infinite plan sells for $249 – you earn $49.80

It’s simple and free to sign up for. 

Simply apply, spread the word about WP Rocket using your referral link, and start earning 20% money on each sale you bring in.


  1. ShortPixel’s affiliate program: ShortPixel is well-known for its WordPress plugin for image compression.

You will receive 30% of any new sales (including recurring revenue) made using your affiliate link as an affiliate.


  1. Smartslider3’s Affiliate Program:

SmartSlider enables you to create attractive and effective sliders, carousels, and blocks. 

Finally, designing website sliders can be enjoyable!

Get paid 30% of any sales made using your affiliate links and themes.


  1. Elementor affiliate program

With Elementor, you can create jaw-dropping landing pages and also earn 50% of each sale as an affiliate.


  1. Divi’s affiliate program

Promote your preferred themes and make money with Divi! 

A selection of banners and text links that you can use on your website are provided to you when you sign up for the Divi affiliate program.


  1. JetElements affiliate program:

Join JetElements to earn a 30% commission on any user’s initial purchase and a 10% commission on subsequent purchases through the TemplateMonster affiliate program.


  1. Jetpack Affiliate program:

With Jetpack, you can firmly secure and keep an eye on your website.

As a Jetpack affiliate, you receive 20% of every sale that your recommendation brings in.


  1. Ninja Forms Affiliate Program

Ninja Forms is the best FREE form creation plugin for WordPress.

It is really simple to use. 

On each sale you make using your referral link, you will receive a 20% commission.


  1. AffiliateWP Affiliate Program

Earn a 20% commission on each profitable sale by referring customers to AffiliateWP.


  1. Architect Thrive Affiliate Program:

When you promote Thrive Architect, you receive a 35% commission per purchase and a 25% recurring commission.


  1. BackupBuddy affiliate program:

Protect your website with BackupBuddy.

You can also earn a commission of up to 25% as a Backupbuddy affiliate for purchases made via your affiliate links.


  1. Gravity Forms Affiliate Program

Gravity Forms is one of the simplest ways to build sophisticated forms for your WordPress-powered website.

When you refer a new Gravity Forms user, you earn a 20% commission as an affiliate.


  1. OptinMonster’s affiliate program:

OptinMonster makes it simple to gain subscribers, though it isn’t cheap for beginners.

Every sale you make using your referral link as an optinmoster affiliate earns you a 20% commission.


  1. WP Migrate DB Pro Affiliate Program

With WP Migrate DB Pro, you can easily migrate your website with just one click.

Gain 20% of each sale you produce and earn 10% on each sale made by affiliates you recommend, too!


  1. Restrictive Content Affiliate Program

Restrict Content Pro was created to give site administrators a complete membership management system that gave paid subscribers a clean, simple way to access content restriction, as well as to collect payments from paying customers.

Earn a 20% commission on each successful sale you refer to by referring consumers!


Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria – VIDEO EDITING TOOLS 

Here are lists of Affiliate marketing programs for beginners in video editing niche or industry 

With these tools, you’ll be able to earn dollars regardless if you live in Nigeria.

Let’s commence with the list.


  1. Splasheo’s affiliate program

Using the incredible power of social video, Splasheo will help you get seen widely and have a significant impact on the world.

Every sale you make as a Splasheo affiliate generates a 20% recurring commission for you.


  1. PlaceIt Affiliate Program

Already known as the internet’s largest collection of visual templates… 

PlaceIt is a platform for those creating t-shirts, banners, book covers, and, of course, many different kinds of videos.

You receive the following as an affiliate:

  • $20 per monthly subscriber referred.
  • $50 per annual subscriber referred.
  • 50% of one-time transactions.

Check out the PlaceIt Affiliate program 


  1. Wirecast’s Affiliate Program:

Finally, Stream like a pro with Wirecast.

You heard me!

You receive a commission of 15% or more as a Wirecast affiliate.


  1. Animoto’s affiliate program

Animoto makes it simple to make excellent films for the web while on the go.

Become a member of the Animoto affiliate program to start making money by promoting video products on your website.


  1. Bite’s Affiliate Program

It’s not a bad thing if you use Bite Ables to create videos that are superior to those of your rivals.

View Biteable’s Affiliate Program.


Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria – PODCASTING 

Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria


Do you realize that using your voice to create valuable content and build a great fan base and also earn with it? 

This art is called podcasting, and it requires you to speak rather than write.

Below are the best podcast hosting services to advertise going forward for your financial gain.


  1. BuzzSprout’s affiliate program: Buzzsprout has aided over 100,000 people in starting podcasts. 

It is the most straightforward way to host, advertise, and track your podcast.

By working with Buzzsprout, you can receive a $25 bonus for each paid referral or a 20% lifetime commission.


  1. Podbean’s affiliate program

Launching a podcast with Podbean is simple and effective.

For the first six months, you will receive 10% of all purchases if you refer new users to Podbean. 

Additionally, they will receive a credit of up to $100 for podcast advertising.


  1. Blubrry’s affiliate program:

This pays you $20 plus a possible annual bonus if a new customer uses your link to buy a $20 hosting plan.

The maximum benefits for this offer might total $92 for each new account in addition to counting toward the affiliate’s annual bonus.

Join the Blubrry affiliate program 


  1. Transistor Affiliate Program

An easy-to-use audio publishing tool.

Transistor hosts your podcast’s website, saves your MP3 files, creates your RSS feed, and distributes your program to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more!

For each podcast listener you refer to Transistor as an affiliate, you will receive a monthly commission of 25%.


  1. Castos’ Affiliate Program:

Castos offers podcasters the same unlimited storage and bandwidth as Podbean.

Gain a 25% commission on each sale you make using your referral link by bringing new clients to Castos.


Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria – EMAIL MARKETING 

With Email marketing, you can market goods, products, and services and follow up on Prospects 

There are alot of email marketing services available, nevertheless, we have revealed a few email services that pay affiliate commissions. 


  1. EmailOctopus’ affiliate program: EmailOctopus is my go-to email provider for people who are just getting started.

A 30% recurring commission on referrals is given to Emailoctopus affiliates.


  1. Sendinblue’s Affiliate Program:

Sendinblue is an all-in-one tool that can help you expand your business by cultivating stronger client relationships. 

It offers email, SMS, Facebook, chat, CRM, and more.

By promoting Sendinblue, you can make £5 for each new account created and £100 for each new paying customer.

Join the Sendinblue affiliate program here


  1. GetResponse Affiliate Program

The Freemium marketing machine uses marketing software that does the work for you to help you expand your audience, advertise services, and sell more.

Get paid like a boss by joining the GetResponse Affiliate Program

The monthly commission rate is 33%.


  1. Aweber’s Affiliate Program:

Aweber is a strong-yet-easily-understood email marketing tool for small businesses.

A 30% client referral payment will be applied to your account!

Join the Aweber affiliate program


  1. Constant Contact’s Affiliate Program:

Create powerful email marketing easily with Constant Contact.

Earn $5 for each referral who registers for a free trial and $105 when they pay for a new account.

See the Constant Contact affiliate program 


  1. Moosend’s Affiliate Program

Moosend is an easy-to-use platform for email marketing and marketing automation. 

Users can simply generate responsive emails with the help of its drag-and-drop email editor. 

Lead generation can be increased by using Moosend’s marketing automation and top-notch tools, such as the simple-to-use landing page builder and subscription forms.

By joining the Moosend affiliate network, you can get a 30% lifetime recurring commission as well as additional affiliate commissions when your contacts upgrade their subscription.


Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria – CONTENT & COURSES

The websites listed below can be used to promote content and online courses. 

They also offer amazing commissions for affiliate marketers in Nigeria 


  1. Udemy’s Affiliate Program:

Udemy hosts hundreds and thousands of online courses in several categories 

As an affiliate marketer in the educational niche, you’re to promote courses listed on Udemy to your audience. 

You will make more money the more you advertise! 

Utilize Udemy’s affiliate tracking links and advertisements to get paid for actual purchases.


  1. Content Snare affiliate program:

When someone uses your link to sign up for a paid plan with Content Snare, you receive 20% of the membership fee.

Join the Content Snare affiliate program


  1. BitDegree’s Affiliate Program:

Discover how much fun learning can be at BitDegree.

You can receive commissions of up to 50% as an affiliate.

Join the BitDegree affiliate program 


  1. SkillShare Affiliate Program:

With Skillshare, you can learn from anywhere as an affiliate 

Each new customer you refer to Skillshare as an affiliate earns you $10.


  1. Coursera’s Affiliate Program

Promote Coursera courses and receive up to 45% Commission on 1,000+ courses and Specializations.

Join the Coursera affiliate program


  1. Pluralsight’s Affiliate Program:

Learn IT skills at Pluralsight.

As a Pluralsight affiliate, you can earn up to 50% of each monthly membership.


  1. edX’s Affiliate Program:

As a digital marketer, you may promote edX courses and receive a lucrative reward.

Earn up to 25% Commission on 100s of Courses and Specializations as a Blockgeek affiliate using their affiliate program.


Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria –  FREELANCING 

Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria


You visit freelance websites to get your tedious or time-sensitive tasks completed.

Let’s take a look at a few freelance platforms that have solid affiliate offers to promote to earn extra money in dollars. 


  1. Fiverr’s Affiliate Program :

Fiverr is where to locate the ideal freelance services for your company.

In Fiverr’s referral program, refer friends and receive up to $100. 

Additionally, earn up to $150 as an affiliate when your traffic converts. 


  1. 99 Designs’ Affiliate Program:

The best location for business owners to identify and work with creative designers to expand their company is 99designs.

Start out by earning a $35 referral fee for each new customer you send to 99 Designs.

Join the 99 Designs affiliate program


  1. Design Hill Affiliate Program:

Discover The Ideal Services For Your Company.

Earn up to $45 for each client. 

Join the Designhill Affiliate Program to earn 30% of every sale.


  1. CodeAble Affiliate Program

Join the income program and make money with CodeAble.

Join the CodeAble affiliate program


  1. YouTeam affiliate program

With YouTeam, any business can hire better teams for partnership 

Earn 10% of the cost of projects you refer to YouTeam.


  1. Truelancer’s Affiliate Program:

With, you can make money even while you’re not online.

When a user you refer makes a purchase on Truelancer for three months, you receive 100% of the earnings.

Join the Truelancer affiliate program. 


Also, check out 18 freelance websites in Nigeria to earn in dollars 


Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria –  CRYPTO & BLOCKCHAIN 

There are a lot of ways to make money with cryptocurrency in Nigeria 


First, with crypto platforms like Binance, you can save in dollars in Nigeria 

As an affiliate marketer, you can also take advantage of these sites to promote and earn commissions online. 

Below we have listed Crypto-related Affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria to promote and earn from coins. 


  1. Cryptohopper’s Affiliate Program:

CryptoHopper is still the top automatic cryptocurrency trading bot.

Each user who registers for the premium tool earns you $190 a month as an affiliate.

Join the Cryptohopper affiliate program


  1. Binance’s Affiliate Program:

Over 100 cryptocurrencies can be traded on the Binance platform, a worldwide cryptocurrency exchange. 

Binance is regarded as the largest cryptocurrency as of early 2018.

When you sign up for Binance and verify your account, you’ll receive $100 in USDT back.

Earnings as an affiliate ranges from 20% to 40%.

If you hold a BNB coin, you earn 40% in addition to 20% as an affiliate.

Register on Binance and join its affiliate program


  1. Coinbase’s Affiliate Program:

The simplest platform to buy, sell, and manage your bitcoin portfolio is Coinbase.

You receive $10 for participating in her referral program, 

As an affiliate, you are also paid 50% of the costs for the first three months of any customers you refer.

Join the Coinbase affiliate program


  1. Ledger Nano’s Affiliate Program:

Ledger Nano can help you protect your cryptocurrency investments.

Join Ledger’s affiliate network to earn 10% of each sale!


  1. The Trezor Affiliate Program:

The safe haven for your coins.

For each sale, you will receive a referral commission of between 12% and 15%.

Join the Trezor affiliate program


  1. The eToro affiliate program:

Join the eToro affiliate network to benefit from the most active and quickly expanding social trading platform.


  1. CoinDirect’s Affiliate Program

With no additional costs, you may buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the greatest price.

Earn a lifetime 20% commission as an affiliate on any customers you mention.

Join the CoinDirect affiliate program


  1. Changelly’s Affiliate Program

150+ coins can be bought, sold, or exchanged quickly and securely.

Receive 50% of Changelly’s revenue share!


  1. CEX.IO Affiliate Program:

Anyone who wishes to simply purchase and sell Bitcoins can do so on CEX.IO.

Earn 30% of the fee on users’ exchange transactions by referring them to CEX.IO.


  1. BitMEX’s affiliate program:

A popular P2P platform for exchanging crypto items is called BitMEX.

A 10% fee reduction is offered for the first six months to users who signed up via an active affiliate link.

Join the BitMex affiliate program


  1. Cryptohwwallet Affiliate Program:

Purchase cryptocurrency products easily

Join now to become a Cryptohwwallet affiliate and start making money.


Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria – CFD WEBSITES 

A derivative transaction is a contract for difference or CFD

This implies that while trading contracts, traders in Nigeria can follow the course of an asset’s price rather than the item itself.


A trader in Nigeria commits to exchanging the price difference between the open and close positions of the contract when they open a CFD position on an asset.

CFD traders in Nigeria may take advantage of a variety of features. 

There is no stamp duty on earnings, 

Here, you may trade assets in rising or falling markets and you have access to the financial markets every single day.

Okay, let’s list the few CFD affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.


  1. SimpleFx Affiliate Program:


  1. The Fxtm Affiliate Program:

With Fxtm, you can trade foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies, commodities including gold and oil, equities, indices, and more with minimal spreads and quick execution.

You don’t have to be familiar with forex or interact with customers in person to be an affiliate. 

All you need is a significant number of followers on social media, a highly trafficked blog, or both.

Join the Fxtm affiliate program


  1. The AvaTrade Affiliate Program

Commodities, indices, ETFs, stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum CFDs are just a few of the many CFD instruments available at AvaTrade.

Join the Avatrade affiliate program as over $250,000,000 has already been paid in commissions 


  1. Markets Affiliate Program;


  1. Easy Markets Affiliate Program:

Exchange CFDs on currencies, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

With up to 25% lead to active customer conversion rate, numerous levels of engagement, and compensation schemes, 

EasyMarkets provides its partners with the best partner experience in the market

Join the Easy Market affiliate program


  1. IQ Option’s Affiliate Program:

The leading online trading platforms in the world are IQ Option. 

As an affiliate, you’ll profit from the opportunity to trade a variety of instruments utilizing top-notch tools and analysis.

For each deal you make, the broker pays you half of the profit. 

Accordingly, you receive 50% of the sum of all user revenues, which is a single figure.

Join the IQ Option affiliate program


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Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria ECOMMERCE MARKETPLACES 

Okay without wasting much of your time, let’s get started with this list… 


  1. Alibaba’s affiliate program;

Alibaba Group Holding Limited is a Chinese multinational conglomerate holding corporation with a focus on e-commerce, retail, the Internet, and technology.

Utilize to monetize your traffic and begin earning right away!

Join the Alibaba affiliate program


  1. Bestself’s affiliate program:


  1. Jet Affiliate Program:


  1. Overstock’s affiliate program:


  1. Amazon Affiliate Program:

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce company

With the new commission structure for a major niche, you earn 4% as an affiliate. 

Join the Amazon affiliate program


  1. Target’s Affiliate Program:

As the third-largest American retail firm, Target Corporation is one of the biggest. 

According to SimilarWeb, over 190.08 million people have visited the website in the last six months, with 96.66% of them coming from the USA and the remaining 6.44% originating from other countries.

Target offers a competitive commission of up to 8% on a wide selection of goods across numerous categories to affiliates who join their affiliate program.

You can register at


Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria – PAYMENT PROCESSORS 

Websites that operate as payment processors enable you to conduct business properly online 

With these sites, you can receive payments from top countries like the United States, Canada, etc… all in foreign currencies. 

The best-paying Payment Processors that have Affiliate Programs have been listed for you below 


  1. Payoneer Affiliate Program:

Payoneer’s cross-border payments platform empowers businesses, online sellers, and freelancers to pay and get paid globally as easily as they do locally.

As an affiliate, you earn $25 for a paying customer.  

Sign up as a Payooner affiliate 


  1. Perfect Money Affiliate Program:

Perfect Money is a leading financial service allowing users to make instant payments and make money transfers securely throughout the Internet opening unique opportunities to Internet users and owners of internet businesses.

As a Perfect Money affiliate, they offer you 1% of the annual profit from the minimum monthly number of your referrals. 


  1. Skrill Affiliate Program:

Make fast and secure payments and international money transfers with Skrill

From betting and trading to shopping and gaming, Skrill makes managing your money simple.

Promote Skrill, connect with potential digital wallet holders, and earn a lifetime revenue share 


  1. Square Affiliate Program:

Square helps millions of sellers run their businesses from secure credit card processing to point-of-sale solutions. 

Get paid faster with Square Affiliate

Get $20 per new activation, plus a $10 bonus when an activation starts taking payments within 30 days as a Square affiliate. 


  1. AdvancedCash Affiliate Program:

Makeup to 20% of the commission the Advanced Cash payment system charges your referred users.

The good news as an affiliate is that payments are made instantly without any delays.

Sign up as an Advanced Cash affiliate 


  1. Ping-pong Affiliate Program:


Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria AFFILIATE NETWORKS 

An affiliate marketing network curates products from different brands or vendors by acting as the middleman between the brand and the affiliate marketers. 

In other words, an affiliate network is where affiliates sign up to promote products, mostly digital services, and earn commissions. 


One of the popular Affiliate Marketing Networks in Nigeria that pays in dollars is Learnofflix.

Let’s go on to examine several affiliate marketing networks in Nigeria where you may advertise and earn revenue. 


  1. BountyMax Affiliate Network:

Access a global network of marketing channels to increase sales, leads, sign-ups, app installs, or any other action you deem essential to evolving your brand.

As a MaxBounty affiliate, you get a $1,000 bonus or more in the first three months. 


  1. ShareASale Affiliate Network:

One of the leading affiliate networks with 19 years still counting.

Shareasale Referral Program is giving $150 for each merchant signed through your link and also giving $1 for affiliates signed with your referral link.


  1. Commission Junction Affiliate Network:

Without doubts, Commission Junction Affiliate Network is considered to be the 3rd biggest affiliate platform online.

CJ affiliate processes an incredible $15 billion in annual sales through its platform, with $1.8 billion paid out annually to its affiliates.


  1. Expertnaire Affiliate Network:

Expertnaire affiliate network is said to be the Clickbank of Africa for Nigerian digital marketers.

If you’re a Nigerian you don’t have to cry foul on Clickbank, get started with Expertnaire, and see how to make it work for you. 


  1. JvZoo Affiliate Network:

Jvzoo was founded in 2011 and has since rocketed to near the top as one of the most popular affiliate programs out there.

Her expansive network gives partners the tools and solutions they need to run successful and profitable online businesses.

Join the Jvzoo affiliate program


  1. Clickbank Affiliate Network:

ClickBank is an affiliate marketing program, founded in 1998 and is privately held. 

The company has more than six-million clients worldwide which secured it to become the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America.

As an affiliate, you can cruise up to 75% in commission.

Join Clickbank as an affiliate


  1. Peerfly Affiliate Network:

Peerfly is a CPA network with a comprehensive list of both digital and physical products.

You can join one of the fastest-growing affiliate networks in the world and watch your profits soar as you have over 2,302 offers to choose from

Join Peerfly as an affiliate


  1. Warriorplus Affiliate Network:

One of the Best-in-class sales automation, affiliate network, and education for digital business owners and online marketers.

They’ve established a thriving and dynamic community where great minds share great products for greater success.

Join the Warriorplus affiliate program


  1. DMSAffiliates:

DMSAffiliates is a leading affiliate network. Why?

They have the highest-paying offers in the entire world. With payouts up to $800 per conversion.

Join DMSaffiliate network


  1. MY Lead Affiliate Network:

MyLead is one of the biggest affiliate networks with publishers earning over USD 140,000 in commissions.

Sign up as a MyLead affiliate


Affiliate Marketing Programs In NigeriaTRAVEL AGENCIES 

A few travel agencies’ affiliate programs in Nigeria are listed below.

Click on the links to find out more about the programs, the commissions, and their requirements… 


  1. Trip Advisor’s Affiliate Program


  1. Affiliate Program


  1. Agoda Affiliate Program


  1. Skyscanner Affiliate Program


  1. Appi Travels Affiliate Program


>> See more travels affiliate programs 


Affiliate Marketing Programs In NIGERIA – CAR RENTALS 

The most popular car rental Affiliate marketing programs for Nigerians to earn commission is stated below:


  1. Discovercars Affiliate Program

Discovercars is a car rental comparison website.

They offer affiliate partners a share of their revenue through the placement of an affiliate link or a booking widget on their website.

Learn more as a Discovercars affiliate 

Digital marketing Training


>> See more car affiliate programs 


Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria – HEALTH & FITNESS 

We discovered and posted a few health-related affiliate programs

Click on the links to find out more about the programs, the commissions, and their requirements…


  1. Body Building Affiliate Program


  1. Fitbit Affiliate Program:


  1. Weight Watchers Affiliate Program


  1. Life Fitness Affiliate Program:


  1. My Protein Affiliate Program:


Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria – ELECTRONICS 

Here is a list of a few affiliate programs in the electronic niche 


  1. GearBest Affiliate Program:

Get the best quality products delivered to your doorstep.

As a GearBest affiliate, you get up to 50% Commission. 


  1. Microsoft Affiliate Program:

Get a wealth of top Microsoft products.

Ready to partner with a big company, join the Microsoft Affiliate Program and earn up to 10% commission on Office, Surface, Xbox, Cs, and more.


Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria – OTHERS

It doesn’t really matter if you have a website or not! 

You may advertise the following affiliate programs in Nigeria using one of the content marketing tactics we already revealed.

Click on the links to find out more about the programs, the commissions, and their requirements…


  1. Payhip Affiliate Program:


  1. BigScoots Partners Affiliate Program:


  1. Themify Affiliate Program:


  1. Thirsty Affiliates Affiliate Program:


  1. Tesla Theme Affiliate Program:


  1. DreamHost Affiliate Program:


  1. SEO PowerSuite Affiliate Program:


Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria with Less Competition 

For a fact, there are no declared or best affiliate programs for beginners in Nigeria 

The goal here is to advertise affiliate programs and products where there is little to no competition.

Below is a list of the top affiliate programs for beginners in Nigeria with less competition.

Also click on their links to find out more about the programs, the commissions, and their requirements…


  1. Timer Doctor Affiliate Program:


  1. Spocket Affiliate Program:


  1. Cognism Affiliate Program:


  1. Sellfy Affiliate Program:


  1. Powr Affiliate Program:


  1. ZenCast Affiliate Program:


  1. Zyro Affiliate Program:


  1. Wiziq Affiliate Program:



These are affiliate marketing programs and networks owned by Nigerians, made for Nigerians, and pays in naira 

Also, note that some of these platforms pay in naira and also in dollars

Check them out below… 


  1. Selar Affiliate Program:

Selar is the best platform in Nigeria to sell your ebooks (downloadable and non-downloadable) Courses & Memberships etc. 

With the Selar affiliate marketplace, you can promote products and earn commissions as an affiliate 

Register here to join Selar Affiliate Program


  1. Expertnaire Affiliate Program:

Expertnaire is a Nigerian-owned digital marketing platform that exists to help digital product creators boost their sales through effective and high-performing affiliates.

With the Expertnaire affiliate marketplace, you can promote products and earn commissions as an affiliate


  1. Jumia Affiliate Program:

Jumia is a leading pan-African e-commerce platform active across 11 countries in the African continent. 

Jumia consists of a marketplace connecting thousands of vendors for you to join, promote products and earn commissions as an affiliate

Join Jumia as an affiliate today 


  1. Piggyvest Affiliate Program:

PiggyVest is a very secure online savings platform in Nigeria that makes saving possible with their outstanding finance features 

When someone saves in Piggyvest through your affiliate link, you will earn commissions as an affiliate 

Join Piggyvest as an affiliate today


  1. Cowrywise Affiliate Program:

Cowrywise helps Nigerians save and invest money regularly just as Piggyvest 

When someone saves in Cowrywise through your affiliate link, you will earn commissions as an affiliate

Join Cowrywise as an affiliate today


  1. Stakecut Affiliate Program:

Stakecut is a marketplace that enables businesses, vendors, and affiliate marketers to promote and sell their products and services online with ease 

With StakeCut’s affiliate marketplace, you can promote products and earn commissions as an affiliate


  1. Digistem Affiliate Program:

Digistem is a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers while also making it possible for affiliates to earn dollars through their referral program

With the Digistem affiliate marketplace, you can promote products and earn commissions as an affiliate


  1. Learnofflix Affiliate Program:

Learnoflix is a platform and an online school where trainees acquire high-demand skills in affiliate marketing as well as register to promote products and earn commissions in dollars

With Learnofflix’s affiliate marketplace, you can promote products and earn commissions as an affiliate


  1. Konga Affiliate Program: is a Nigeria-based online general merchandise store. 

The company offers a catalog of products that span categories such as phones, computers, etc…

With Konga’s eCommerce marketplace, you can promote products and earn commissions as an affiliate


  1. Domainking Affiliate Program:

DomainKing.NG is a Nigerian Domain Registrar accredited with African & Asian Domain Registries. 

Domainking offers purchasing of Domain Names, Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, SSL, etc 

When someone registers on Domainking through your affiliate link, you will earn commissions as an affiliate

Join Domainking as an affiliate today


  1. Wakanow Affiliate Program:

Wakanow is a leading Travel agency in not just Nigeria but Africa as a whole with the aim to expand to the rest of the world. 

Wakanow offers everything needed for researching, planning, and purchasing a whole trip.

When someone books travel with Wakanow through your affiliate link, you will earn commissions as an affiliate

Join Wakanow as an affiliate today


  1. Bet9ja Affiliate Program:

Bet9ja is the most popular Nigerian sports betting company that allows punters to bet on football matches and other sporting events.

When someone bets or partners with bet9ja through your affiliate link, you will earn commissions as an affiliate

Join Bet9ja as an affiliate today


  1. Web4Africa Affiliate Program:

Web4Africa is a hosting company that offers professional reseller and shared web hosting on Linux and windows platforms, as well as affordable domain name registration, etc. 

When someone registers on Web4Africa through your affiliate link, you will earn commissions as an affiliate

Join Web4Africa as an affiliate today


  1. Whogohost Affiliate Program:

WhoGoHost is one of Nigeria’s best web hosting providers. 

It offers a variety of services, from dedicated cloud hosting to hosting a WordPress site. 

When someone registers on Whogohost through your affiliate link, you will earn commissions as an affiliate. 

Join Whogohost as an affiliate today


  1. Owodaily Affiliate Program:

Owodaily is a digital jobs-based platform or community where anyone can actually make money applying to easy tasks like sharing a post to Instagram…

When someone joins and actives their account on Owodaily through your affiliate link, you will earn commissions as an affiliate

Join Owodaily as an affiliate today


  1. Dataway Affiliate Program:

DATAWAY is a data vending platform where you can get easy access to purchasing airtime and data subscriptions as well as pay other bills including electricity, cable TV, like DSTV/GOTV, Internet subscription, etc. 

When someone registers on Dataway through your affiliate link, you will earn commissions as an affiliate

And so much more… 



Here are answers to some questions you might have in mind in regard to starting affiliate marketing in Nigeria and earning good commissions as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria


Is It Necessary To Take An Affiliate Marketing Course In Nigeria? 

It’s a popular fallacy that you need to pass a foundational affiliate marketing course to be successful in affiliate marketing.

As a beginner, you might be overly eager to buy every idea, which is great, but if you want the whole truth, the truth is that you need a course and also that you don’t need a course.

Here are my reasons… You make your decision


Why You Don’t Need An Affiliate Marketing Course in Nigeria

You might not want to enroll in an affiliate marketing school if your budget is tight. 

In other words, there is no way you will enroll in something if you can’t afford it.

I don’t know what you can afford, but if you have a limited budget, you may go ahead and see how to start affiliate marketing without investment


You see, the great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can get started right away without having to spend time developing your own program, goods, and service. 

All you have to do to get paid or make 6-7 figures is build a platform, promote the programs, and get paid.


Why You Need an Affiliate Marketing Course in Nigeria to Succeed?

Regarding affiliate marketing, I personally have done several things wrong.

It got so bad that I stopped monitoring my affiliate programs. 

It was terrible.


Here are some simple tips to help you avoid making the same internet marketing blunders I did.


Rule 1: Keep track of and record the affiliate programs you are a part of.

Rule 2: You’ll excel at promoting fewer affiliate programs..


The fundamental objective of any course or training is to help you avoid the mistakes you could have made.

If you start affiliate marketing without guidance, you will make a lot of mistakes 

You will waste your time and might possibly give up due to “trial and error” 

It is always a great benefit to follow in the footsteps of people who have already attained success in your industry. 

The ONLY legit shortcut to success is through mentorship and that you can get through training programs and courses


When you enroll in online courses;

  • You will discover secrets and insights you’ve never thought about
  • You will learn new skills that will quicken your results
  • You will discover tools that will make your journey smooth and easy
  • With direct contact with a niche expert, you’ll get a fast solution to any challenges you will encounter
  • and so many outstanding benefits to investing in getting premium knowledge… 


Now, let’s unveil the best affiliate marketing course in Nigeria to join right now… 



The course is named Dollar Affiliate Blogging Blueprint. 


The instructor of the course – Olusola David is the Founder of Torch Enterprise LLC, a Blogger, YouTuber, and Affiliate Marketer with several years of experience with internet marketing…

He will offer you the tricks involved in kick-starting and growing your affiliate business. 


If you join his course; 

  • You will learn to make money from your blog with high-commission digital items with Affiliate Marketing


  • You will learn to start a simple BLOG Guaranteed to make up to $3730 every single month on Auto-Pilot. 


The best part is, you will see how to do it… VERY FAST

All you need is access to the Internet, a good working LAPTOP, and maybe a smart mobile device…



You see, it barely matters if you’re the worst writer in the world or have never created any content.

It makes no difference if you’re a student seeking the next HUSTLE or a retired worker… 

You can still make money with this without leaving your work if you’re a BANKER with a regular 9 to 5 job.


All of this is irrelevant since you’ll discover how to quickly put it up and begin earning up to $3730 every single month from it.




Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria – CONCLUSION 

According to statistics, the affiliate marketing industry is expected to have a market value of about $15 billion by 2023.

The fact that this number has climbed by over three times since 2015 is even more astounding.


You can determine what it means for your own potential earnings by considering that low-tier publishers make an average of around $35,000 annually through affiliate commissions..

Regardless of your situation, we have shown you many methods, such as content marketing, etc. for promoting affiliate programs without a website.


We’ve also compiled a list of more than 160 of Nigeria’s best affiliate marketing programs, linking them to the appropriate pages so you can get started.

No matter your financial situation or degree of expertise, we’ve chosen these programs and the best affiliate marketing course with your success in mind.


In case you have been promoting some online affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria for some time but haven’t yet come close to making a substantial amount. 

It’s a good idea to finish an affiliate training program first if you’re brand-new to it and want to start earning a consistent stream of passive money.


I’m sure you have seen the top Affiliate marketing programs for Nigerians here in this article

Please tell us what you think about them in the comment section below

We’re always ready to assist you





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