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    Your are privilege to promoting your business to contents related to the services you provide.

    Due to our Web contents and consistent advertisements, we reach out to thousands of visitors in Nigeria, especially from Port Harcourt and amazingly from all over the world.

    If you want to have your Business Brand advertised here, contact us to get started on time.


    *Our advertising rates start from ₦5,000 ($20) per month depending on the Ad Banner Size and where you want your Ad to be shown> (Ad. Placement).

    *Reach out to us and describe what kind of advert you will like to have placed here. And as you know, you can get a great advert banner from our Graphic Designers.

    Get your "monthly" Ad. Campaigns running immediately.

    Our Different Ads Format, are

    1. Music Ads (Banner and Mp3 file)
    2. Sponsored Posts ( Banner & Text)
    3. Brand Ads (Banner & Text)
    4. App Download (Banner, Text)
    5. Affiliate Link (Banner, Text)
    6. Etc…

    The Ad Sizes

    We offer all Web Standards Ads ranging from 125x125, 300×250, 728×90, 320×100, 160×600, 300x600, and many others placed Strategically anywhere you want.

    Ads Visual Sizes

    This is the Leaderboard Ad.

    it is placed at the header of the is very visible from every page, with very high conversion rate.

    Price at N10,000 per month

    This is the rectangle size Ad.

    Price at N15,000 per month

    This is the very Large Half Page Ad.
    It is placed in our post and pages sidebar.

    Price at N25,000 per month


    This is the Web Footer Ad. It is the last thing shown on site.

    It's highly effective and cheaper than other Ads.

    Price at N5000 per month


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